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What's the most helpful site you've discovered recently?

Asked by TylerM (276points) January 24th, 2009
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tehrani625's avatar Define “helpful”?

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- helpful to productivity
– helpful to being social on the web
– helpful to have fun

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Uhh, yeah. Fluther.

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It’s gotta be Fluther.

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This one. By far.

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USA today or model mayhem. Always looking for models to shoot. And USA today, I finally feel connected to news, through my iPhone.

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I was into during the campaign. saves my bacon regularly.

But Fluther gets the prize for being fun and useful.

(Like a hooker who can do your taxes.)

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“Like a hooker who can do your taxes.”
Best Fluther tagline. Ever.

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@lefteh: Think Ben and Andrew will put it on a T-Shirt? ;^)

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I’d totally buy that!

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Ben? Andrew? Pleeeease?

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Fluther and Pinstack (for Blackberry and other phones)

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Either of these for saving links which I want to look at on my iPhone or mobile device (or found on my mobile want to view on my desktop and add to my bookmarks):

LaterLoop (nice clean interface)

LaterThis (this one allows for tags)

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