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I've just installed earthdesk on my macbook, but has this big sign on the center ''Not licenced, evaluation use only''?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) November 7th, 2008

why is that?

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Because you’re using the trial version. You haven’t bought it.

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And how much it is?

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Yes Elumas is correct that is the trail version. Don’t bother buying it, trial works just fine.

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On their product page it’s listed for $24.95 that you can purchase online. Once you purchase it they will send you a code that you enter somewhere in the program that will ‘unlock’ it. Clear instructions will accompany the purchase.

@sanbuu Regardless of whether the trial works without purchase or not, people buy software to get full functionality and/or to support the programmer. If you like it and purchase it, you’re funding further development of a cool piece of software.

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@ artificiallarrrrd, yes that’s well there are trail versions. So you can test it out and go from there. I got rid of it within the week, and I still say the trail offers a good adventure for a while.

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