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Unfortunately yes….

Read about the Simon Wiesenthal Center

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So much time has passed that it is not clear how many are still alive. Here is a list from 2007 of the most sought.

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great link marina!

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@Snoopy As is yours. I admire Simon Wiesenthal enormously.

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Shouldn’t be too many left now. Most have lost a lot of weight.

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I doubt they are much of a risk these days….

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Not sure if George W.s granddad is still alive, no.

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@Cheeb. Risk, no. Culpable for mass murder, yes.

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Apparently some are living in Canada, and were even interviewed a few years back by a major news station in Canada. Of course they denied who they were. What’s even more surprising is that after the footage aired, no one approached them or investigated them.

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There had been some in Australia too, don’t know if they are still alive now. They also denied who they were.

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Then there’s all those clones of Hitler running around…

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I saw this today and thought it might be of interest.

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I have a friend who’s studying in Argentina. We fantasized about her taking a (much) older gentleman lover, and then finding out that he is a Nazi fugitive. She’s a film student, so we mostly wanted it to happen for the material it would generate.

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Tonedef: Ha!

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Many of the Nazi war criminals war prosecuted at Nuremburg and afterwards. A whole bunch were executed October 16, 1946. In 1960, the Mossad kidnapped Adolf Eichmann. He stood trial in Israel and was executed May 31, 1962. During this period, the Mossad, along with veterans of the British Army’s Jewish Brigade and survivors with the means of doing so (Mossad officer Rafi Eitan called them “nokmin”—avengers), hunted down and killed many of the remaining Nazis. There are still some around, for whatever political reasons. The CIA and some Arab countries protected many after the war as part of various Cold War -related operations. They’re all old as shit.

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Wouldn’t old age start punishing them at some point?

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Project PaperClip, a CIA program, was designed to import high level Nazi scientists and others to aid in Americas Nuclear and space program. Other Nazi’s were secretly recruited to help fight communism in Russia. Crazy but true, read “The Rise Of The Fourth Reich”.

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There are a handful scattered here and there that have never been brought to justice or even made to stand trial. Most of these men are now in their 90’s. I know I am somewhat late to answer this question but I have recently seen a couple of programmes on the BBC about the search for some of these men. It was surreal to see these criminals, who had so much to do with such a hideous part of history, as frail old men. Some feel that they can’t feel guilty for what happened because they were just following orders like any soldier. I have just asked a question on Fluther about the best way to bring these men to justice.


There probably are, but I am more concerned about old Japanese war criminals at large! I am sure there are dozens still alive and well, unaffected by the guilt that they tortured, raped, performed cruel scientific tests, and murdered thousands of innocent Chinese and Korean civilians, as well as many American and British POWs. You see them surface from time to time, like dirty cockroaches, to honor their native war dead at the shrines they visit. They continue to cover up their horrific acts in Japanese history books, trying to make their heinous acts look “heroic” to Japanese schoolchildren. These evildoers are still around and need to be put to justice.

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