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What should I do after graduating?

Asked by johnnyknoxville08 (237points) November 9th, 2008

These are my options…
a. Move to NYC and split rent w/ my brother for a few months
b. Backpack Europe (alone)
c. Get w/ a volunteer organization and do something worthwhile overseas
d. move back home to nashville
e. Chicago, Charleston, Austin, or San Diego (work + live)
f. ????

ps im graduating with a communications degree focused on advertising

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Work for a few months and build up a healthy cash supply, then go backpacking. You’ll find the experience much better if you have some money to spend. If you’re going to Europe make sure you go to the Eastern Countries, there’s so much to see that tourists don’t regularly see.

(Oh, and welcome to Fluther)

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If you have the opportunity to do Europe, do it now! Before you know it you will have family and kids and may not be able to afford it until you’re over 50. Then volunteer, and by then, you will have a better idea for yourself where you want to go.

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Move back to Nashville and I will raise hell with you on West End.

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I agree with Judi. Volunteering is important, but this may be your only opportunity to see Europe for a while.

Volunteer locally when you return.

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Travel. Being alone traveling will teach you all kinds of stuff about yourself and the world.

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awesome—thanks so much to all. fluther is pretty sweet

@ buster—i am always down to tear up west end. whenever im home, we oughta blow up my brother’s hipster scene—always makes for an exciting weekend

so my only problem with traveling is that i like to take my time. meaning, i feel like there is SO much to see and do…when i visited nyc the first time, i stayed for a month. my sister recently told me she would sponsor my trip…which is amazingly kind of her…

so in addition…would you recommend living and working or taking the free ride from the sis and staying on the move? honestly, the idea of living sounds more appealing because i feel like i will be able to make some connections with people as opposed to getting to know europe by myself (i have never been overseas, and doing the whole deal solo is somewhat daunting). i am by no means an ignorant traveler—i’m just not sure i know what im getting myself into

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You should set up a bacon factory, I here stocks in bacon are shooting up… (The other side of me) RUN What ever you do after collage don’t do what melonking says (Me) Quiet you, bacon is nice… Ok ignore this.

I looked over all of your ideas and none of them seem very good, you need to find your skills and use them as soon as possible, moving back home, backpacking or living with your brother will get you nowhere, might I add that volunteering altho its nice and all is pointless. You need to find what you do well and do it. That is the only way you will ever succeed.

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@melonking: there is a pretty low likelihood that i can get a job as copywriter right now. the economy is in shambles and people just aren’t hiring. especially not in advertising (which is my major). too, i am having some ethical questions about advertising as an institution and whether or not i even want to be a part of it (there is a nasty side of advertising which is so blatant in american society—i chose to just “get a degree” instead of switching majors).

as a writer, which is what i “think” my skill is, i don’t see how traveling or doing anything new and different can be harmful. i think i need to develop my skills before i can use them to succeed. and volunteering isn’t pointless that’s kind of crazy.

*disclaimer noted!

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Judi is right!! You’re free now, and once you get your career moving you won’t be for a long time. Take your sister’s nice offer and get over there; have some contacts ready so you can look into volunteer work when you’re on the ground; and yes, eastern Europe is of the essence, because everything is in flux and full of excitement. Oh man. You’re going to have the best time!! You have a great attitude.
Go. Go. Go.
Also, the dollar is unaccountably not in the tank….

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How about getting a job doing something?

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Well I don’t have a clue what a copyrighter is, but you seem to be overlooking the fact that a skill is not a job, someone might say they are good at writing stories but the skill in this is having a good imagination, and with that in mind you can put your skill to use for a huge amount of things, a recession is not such a big thing for some job as it is for others. You can go and live with your sister or whoever but its not going to do anything for you.

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If I were you I’d want to work for a little bit (live at home if you can, save every penny you can) and pay for my own backpacking trip. Your sister’s offer is generous, but I would feel uncomfortable taking her up on it. You may feel differently, and even if you do take your sister’s offer, it’s still good to have a little money of your own on the side.

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work long enough to save travel money, then go and explore the world.

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Shirk responsibilites and go to Europe…enjoy it..
If you still feel like having some fun and aren’t broke, volunteer and do something you feel is worthwhile…or if you have to become a corporate stiff, work and volunteer in the community you choose doing something you feel is worthwhile…

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Pay your sister back later. She’ll adore it. (I promise. I’m a sister too.) Go on, get outta here.

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