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Nice Cursive Fonts?

Asked by Shake (28points) November 9th, 2008

I’m working on a project and I need some nice cursive fonts. Preferably fat ones. Also if you’ve seen the Virgin Mobile top up cards (sorry I don’t have a picture) a nice cursive font like that. For example where it says “20 Dollars” or “10 Dollars.” Thanks!

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My favorites are:
Edwardian Script
Snell Roundhand

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From the tiny pictures I could find of the Virgin top up cards, it looks like a slab serif like Clarendon. It’s not Clarendon but that’s the type of font you’re looking for: a bold italic slab serif (not cursive). I’ll suggest:

Clarendon Extra Wide Extra Bold Oblique
Egizio Bold Italic
Century Schoolbook Bold Italic

A favorite of mine is Archer which, at its heavier weights, might be worth checking out. The foundry that released Archer also has Ziggurat which is gorgeous but less of a fit.

Also flip around FontShop and Linotype which both have keyword based searches where you can find more bold italic slab serif fonts.

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Thanks for your help guys. Also nice fonts Irondavy. I’m looking for things a bit more rounded though. I guess were looking at the wrong top up cards. I believe Virgin had a couple different kinds but it was thick, rounded and cursive.

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Ah, well, if you can find examples of what you’re looking for I could probably dig up some names. Otherwise my advice stands, browse FontShop. Try using the TypeNavigator tool. Set it to handwritten, italic, thick…

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