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What's the worst injury you've suffered?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) November 9th, 2008

Do you have a good story to go with it?

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I got a nail rammed into the back of my foot, it missed my akilies tendon by a couple of millimeters. My friends and i had a go kart, just a push one, when I was younger. There was a nail sticking out the front of it but we had put a piece of wood over the nail to stop it hurting anyone. But some people stole the nail and we didn’t realise. So when i pulled it down the hill it caught up with me and the nail rammed me in the back of the heel going in about 2 cm, narrowly missing the akilies tendon .

Then a year later within a week of the date i hurt my foot, i was hit by a car. I broke 8 of my toes, got whiplash and put my teeth through my bottom lip.

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I cracked my tailbone skateboarding then it abscessed. I took some pain pills and kept skating. This is the end result.

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I broke my radial head (helps you bend and twist your elbow) while I was roller skating. Let’s not mention I was 29 years old and trying to roller skate for the first time in what must have been about 10 years.

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I had my head severed once in a freak high-dive accident. That was pretty bad.

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I was cutting a rutabaga for a special dinner for my boyfriend. We’d started dating fairly recently so making him dinner was a pretty big thing. I still don’t know exactly what happened, but the knife sliced up and sliced my finger open at the base, where it connects to the hand. (I don’t know because that hand was firmly across the back of the blade, nowhere near the tip which is what actually cut me or the sharp end.) Anyway, it sliced deep enough that I almost passed out, said new boyfriend got to walk me to the store and help bandage the wound I couldn’t look at without getting dizzy. I should have gotten stitches in it, but did not because I didn’t realize it was that bad.

The next day when it was still bleeding, I did go to a clinic to get stitches and the woman told me it was fine and I didn’t need them. This was a blatant lie and I now lack some movement in that finger. Not much, but I can’t, for instance, link all my fingers together and stretch because it pulls at the scar. Anyway, it’s still getting better all the time and I’m young. And lucky that it is the worst I’ve ever damaged myself.

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Most impressive: While crossing a divided highway on foot, I was hit by a car (not worst injury, though, only sprained my knee!)

Most gruesome: Getting a 3 inch piece of wood shoved up the arch of my bare foot. 25 years later, it still makes me cringe.

Actual worst: Pinched nerve between two discs in my neck. Excruciating pain for weeks, extensive (and expensive) physical therapy, and two years later I still don’t have full function or feeling back in my shoulder/arm/hand.

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When I was 13, I was crossing the street and a big green Isuzu Rodeo whipped around the corner of the residential street I was crossing and took me out. It went right over my left leg. Being the overachiever that I am, I couldn’t have a normal injury. Not a bone in my leg broke. Instead, I had a dislocated ankle. My foot popped off and was connected by some veins and some skin. I still have the foot and you can barely tell I have a bum ankle. The word “miracle” was used more than once to describe my recovery.

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Soccer ball to the nads a few times…without the jock strap.

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Oh dear Lord above I have got a list miles long. Here are a few….
1.In coming mortar fire about 10 feet in front of me. The injuries considering could have been life changing. I was laid up for more than a month and in pain for about 6. The injuries are too long to list.
2. Compound fracture of my left wrist and hand while dislocating my elbow and shoulder and breaking a few fingers, that was awesome!!
3. Sprained my back twice, once in an explosion (see above) and once during a belt test. It makes it impossible to walk and feels like someone is standing on your stomach and neck at the same time.
4. Split my collar bone and then had to bust my ass for about 4 hours which required me to be lifting my arms and legs resulting in the end by collapsing and being rushed to the hospital.
5. 16 penny nail shot clean through my fingers, pointer finger to ring through the knuckle..Yet another awesome time which almost required me to have the tops of my fingers removed because of an infection from the glue on the nail.
6. Vehicle crash where my head went through the passenger window. Good times!
This list could go for days and I am only 33. I have mellowed out in a major way but still deal with hardcore back problems and leg pain and ringing in my ears and pain from a dislocated jaw. Life is golden. Stay strong people, stay strong.
Oh and a left eye that makes everything look like I am looking through the bottom of a pint glass filled with ice. Total sweetness!

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@judo: Sheesh…you must have given your mother and/or wife several heart attacks by now!

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I have had many but the worst was getting run over by a boat.

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I know this isn’t exactly an injury, but I have a boil in my arm pit that has just been about as painful as anything I’ve had.

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@jess: Please share the story…being run over by a boat is not your run-of-the-mill accident!

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My boyfriends dad and I were sailing on his Nacra 6.0 and we were flying and I went to reach back for a line and we hit a wave in the pass and I flew over the front of the tramp and got hit in the head with the dolphin striker. They took me to the hospital and I had lost a lot of blood because I hit an artery in my head. The docs didn’t think much of it and just stapled my head shut. We drove out of the emergency room parking lot and I had a seizure in the car so my boyfriend took me back to the emergency room and they acted like they had never seen me before and then decided to run a couple test like an EKG that I didn’t really need. Charged me for two visits which really pissed me off and wrote me a note for one day off of work. It wasn’t until I tried to go back to work waiting tables on one of the busiest nights of the year that I started throwing up and passed out. Went back to the ER a third time and they finally did a brain scan and found out I had an issue. Lost my short term memory and repeated everything over and over. I still have a hard time with some things but it isn’t as bad as a lot of other people. I did get charged a third time and had no insurance so I am in debt. Shortly after I got some insurance from someone who came up to my work and paid for three months in advance so I could use it immediately and the stupid bitch decided to quit her job and not put my paperwork through so while I am waiting for my cards in the mail my appendix ruptured and it wasn’t until after I had the surgery that I found out I wasn’t actually insured. I know that has nothing to do with the accident but every time I think about being charged three times for their screw up I get pissed. I am about 35,000 dollars in debt. I have insurance now though.

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Jess: That is all kinds of fucked up. I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough go of it!

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Thanks but I think Judochop has me beat. He is like my boyfriend who always has fucked up shit happen to him.

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jess fight the hospital. Perhaps you can win that one. Get a meeting with the board or write them a letter.

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hats off to jessturtle23 and judochop! And I wish you didn’t have those in your history.

My worst injury I was Pole vaulting and the pole broke and the top have of my body landed in the box.

Then i had to use a new and different brand of pole. The other brand I used was wrapped a certain way so as to guide the bend. The new one didn’t.

So, with a concussion I didn’t know I had, I took my first run through, leaned back, bent it, road it up turned and was thrown only to find out it bent side ways to the left instead of forward. So instead of throwing me forward it threw me to the right where there were no pits. So I arced about 14. 5 fee in the air and landed fracturing both my ankles and tailbone.

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A comminuted fracture of the distal ulna, on a climb. Somehow I managed to fall about a meter of top-rope belay slack with a loop around my wrist, God knows how. On the easiest stretch, to add insult to injury.
The worst part was hanging from it while I bicycled around to grab a toehold and lift myself with the other hand.
My partner couldn’t see me, so he was telling me to get my ass moving up, and all I could say was “AAARRRFUUCKSHIIITARRRSHITFUUUCK.” He said later that I sounded like a gargling goat. I wanted to slug him, but I needed to save my good hand.

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It’s really seems quite the miracle that there’s anyone here to even answer these questions.
Good grief. I’m glad to hear you all made it through (more or less).

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my three worst:
1) a second degree sprained ankle. it was dark purple and vomit-inducing.
2) I cracked my head open once.
3) I’ve also shifted my spinal cord out of place. I was paralyzed from the neck down.

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Meh. Stitches in my ankle, right at the top of my foot. Bike fender laid it wide open. The only interesting part was, A) I walked home and refused a ride with a neighbor who passed me, and my sister, who was helping me. Don’t know why. And B) Mom stuck my foot in a pail of water and I passed the time wiggling my foot so I could see the tendon moving around, back and forth across the gash. It was cool. I’m just really lucky it didn’t slice the tendon in two.

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