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Has anyone ever had a crush on you?

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) November 10th, 2008

If so how old were you? How old were they? What, if anything did they do about it? Did anything become of it? Were some in kindergarden? Older? Were you 20 and they were your 9 year old neighbor?

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everyone crushes on me ;)


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If anyone ever did, they sure kept it a secret!

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A wonderful guy once proposed to me. Alas, it was not to be. I was 14 and he was 5. :)

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There is this lady who had a crush on me for many years I finally got her to admit it and we got married. We now have children together.

I will have to admit that I have a crush on her also but don’t tell her okay.

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girls I work with always tend to have a crush on me. It’s been a problem in every job I’ve had. They have all been crazy and not anyone I would wanna be with more than a night

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I think the question for me is who doesn’t?

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Yes. One guy used to stuff notes in my locker in high school. Like “just saying hi” notes. The first one or two were cute and then it just got odd.

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I once got a letter with boxes and questions “check yes or now”. It was my teacher’s daughter.

We became friends. This was in 5th grade.

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When I was 12 or so a girl in church had a crush on me. I was oblivious to it until one day when she sneaked up behind me and threw her arms around my waist, and scared the hell out of me. After that I avoided her.

Last year I met a girl at a poetry festival. I admit I flirted with her a little bit, and we exchanged phone numbers, but ugh! For months she kept sending me text messages, even though I tried to let her know as kindly as possible that I just wasn’t interested. Eventually the text messages stopped.

Freshman year I met a girl who I had a crush on off and on for (well, I’m a senior now, and I might still have a crush on her, so) maybe four years. In between we both had relationships with other people, but we never got together. She moved away last year. In hindsight it’s easier to see that she had a crush on me, off and on, for that entire time as well. At the time when it mattered I didn’t realize it.
edit: @Bri: Freshman year I almost passed her a “check yes or no” note. We were in the same english class, and our teacher was talking about a time when she received one of those when she was in elementary school. (No one in our class had ever heard of such a thing.) I got as far as writing the note, (and looking back, I know which box she would have checked) but I didn’t have the balls to pass it to her. I really regret that. It’s like that scene in Steppenwolf, where Harry goes through the “ALL GIRLS ARE YOURS” door, and says that that one moment where he passed by a girl he liked rather than saying hello was one of his greatest regrets. Unfortunately I don’t have a magic door to go through.

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Ha, Petey, your first one made me smile.

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Some of my younger sisters friends have a crush on me, which is kind of awkward.

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@ petethepothead – that check yes or no thing can be a quirky romantic tool if used properly.

@ uber – I hear that. At certain times in life it was very wierd.

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@Bri L its especially weird when i just get out of the shower and they are located somewhere between the bathroom and my room so i have to walk past them….

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@ uber – Youch. no doubt!

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too many, actually.
my first one.. ahhh i don’t remember. but when I was in 2nd grade I gave this boy a valentine that said “I <3 you” all over it, and he told me he liked me too.
Ahh.. some guy liked me over the summer, but “crushes” get less innocent as you age apparently, because he sent me many texts telling me how we should get drunk and have sex or I should give him a hug or kiss or bj because he’s so nice to me. I told him that first of all, I’m not that kind of girl, and second, I’m just not interested.
And another summer crush, but this one was cute. A guy who is two grades younger than me had been talking to me quite a while and we were pretty good friends. While I was out of town for ten days, he texted me anonymously and was saying all sorts of cutsey sweet things, and by the end of the vacation he confessed his “secret love” for me.

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@ genralspecific – until your post I had no idea what ” <3 ” was.

And come on. Look at ya. When i was little I always had a crush on the little red haired girl from charlie brown. you never saw her back then. But you were how I imagined her. If I were in second grade I would have written the old check yes or no I can tell you that right now! hehe.

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@Bri. I only found out what <3 meant about 3 days ago-
(and this would have been in a whisper if I could figure out how to do that)

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I’ve had many. And almost all of them are unwanted and in my direction. They range from the sweet boy who gave me handpicked daisies to the scary one who grabbed my head while we were walking told me he liked it rough and started going to town with his tongue on my face. (punch)

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@greylady just put two dashes—before and two after—whatever you want to whisper. Just make sure theres no spaces between the dashes and the word . Look under the text box where it says whisper for example of what it should look like.

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@greylady: You can see some more markup here!

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I’ve always been the crusher, not the crushee.

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unfortunately, i seem to attract a lot of creepy guys. the latest crush a guy admitted to, to me was while he was already stalking me (yes, i am not stupid, i noticed that he seemed to be EVERYWHERE. hmph). after a lot of confrontation and paranoia (on my part), things finally seem to have settled down with him.

lesson of the day: unwanted crushes can be rather painful for both parties involved.

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@ uberbatman & asmonet—thank you very much! I had no idea those were little dashes. I thought they were lines.

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@PnL – stop being so damn charming!

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Like Generalspecific, I was the “little red-haired girl”. When I was in elementary school, there were several younger boys that wanted to marry me. In high school, I had a secret admirer (I never did learn his identity, either!), and when I was about to transfer schools, 2 of my male friends confessed that they had crushes on me. I was completely shocked, as I had never suspected. I would have dated either one of them, too. Lesson to the guys: Speak up…what have you got to lose?

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@aug: Amen! When I was a senior in high school, I found out that three, that’s right three, of my male friends were devastated when I got a boyfriend, and I would have gladly gone out with any one of them! And them one of them asked me out not a week after I broke up with that boyfriend!!!!

I feel you aug, I feel you.

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I am always the “crushee” in relationships. The one time I was the crusher, things went awry and my heart was broken. Since then, there have been very few sparks in my love life =(

The first real crush someone had on me was on grade seven. I heard about it on my second or third day at school – Sean thought I was pretty. Nothing happened with it. To this day, he is awkward and shy around me.

Another one happened in grade seven. A boy a year older than me liked me and asked for my phone number, and we spoke on the phone, and my mom and grandmother were home and they teased me about it, and I felt very shy and confused and didn’t really know the guy, and so I stopped talking to him. Then there was the school ski trip. He made me fall off my skis. I remember actually getting mad at him about it.

And so it has gone since junior high- a boy likes me, I shyly talk to him, things border on intimate, and I shy away. And then there are the friends who tell me they secretly had a crush on me, and nothing had become of it. Sadness.

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All right, ladies, we need to do something about this! Either that or all you timid young men need to do something about it… At worst, we’ll say no and you can move on and find someone new. At best, we’ll say yes and then won’t you feel silly for being all shy around us? :P

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Yes. I had a huge crush on someone for three years in junior high and high school. What I didn’t find out until 10 years later was that he had a crush on me at the same time. We barely even talked back then. Ah, what wasted opportunities because we were both too diffident and bashful. We tried to make up for it later, but it didn’t work.

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Ah, yeah, that has happened to me as well. Silly teenagers…

Welcome to the collective!

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Thank you.

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@katawagrey: I’d ask why women can’t be more clear about who they like, but I already know the answer. It would really just be a complaint about the unfairness of the world.

@all: one thing that interests me is the women who say they would have gone out with any of a number of male friends, had they asked. Somehow this feels just a twee bit like it really doesn’t matter. Boys are kind of interchangeable. Isn’t there something special about dating? Don’t you reserve it for someone you think there’s a possibility of something more with? Or does it merely mean a boy and a girl are going out together, but they are just friends?

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@daloon: It’s not that boys are interchangeable, it’s that each friend is incredibly special. When I say I would go out with any one of my male friends, it’s because each one is special to me in a different way.

When a girl spends every weekend over at your house, dresses a little nicer when you’re around and learns to play Dungeons and Dragons when you ask even though she has no interest, usually that’s a pretty big hint.

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And, yes, that exact scenario happened to me…

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@daloon: I wouldn’t have dated just any of my male friends, but the 2 who confessed their crushes were definitely guys I would have said “yes” to had they asked.

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@KatawaGrey – how do you know someone dresses nicer when you’re around if you can’t see how she dresses when you’re not around? ;-)

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The other day, my sister’s childhood friend conessed that she had a crush on me until I left for college. The terrible part is- I don’t recall ever noticing her; and I would have never known she existed if my sis hadn’t introduced us. Made me wonder.

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@katawagrey: if it were me, I would miss those hints. They are subtle, and I might notice them, but even if I did notice them, I wouldn’t be sure. They could be just normal behavior. And me being me, uncertain and shy about this, I wouldn’t ask.

Augustlan asks, ” Speak up…what have you got to lose?” Reputation. If I ask, then she’ll tell her girlfriends, and the word will get around. If she said no, It’ll make me into more of a loser than I already am. When it gets to the boys, they’ll make fun of me and shame me. There’s a lot to lose.

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@vincentt: I should have phrased that differently. If one of your female friends looks a little special around you when she is just with you, take the hint. ;P

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It’s a shame there were so many mixed and missed signals, and that we all cared so much what other people thought of us in High School!

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@daloon – that is exactly what I would’ve said if I had found the words :)

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I always crushed when I was little. I had a crush on a boy my whole 7th grade year and he never even knew! I thought I was in love.
When I moved from Florida to Texas I had a few guys confess their “love” for me. Nothing ever came from it. Just me feeling bad because I never knew.
One of my female friends had a crush on me and I didn’t know. I never even knew she was a lesbian. It was bad because I am a very loving and affectionate person so I led her on without meaning to. It never got ugly and we’re still friends.

I think crushes are cute when you’re little, but I think once you get older they are better let out of the bag.

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yeahh..when i was in the 1st grade, i think…there was this guy named shawn…
he was just idk…always annoyed the heck out of me and gave me hints he had a crush on me. He would try to always stand next to me or sit next to me in art. Ugh i hated him, it got on my nerves and plus he always had a booty bite and would always be diggin’ out his pants in front of EVERYONE. Eww..he was gross


A few, but only when I was an adult, not when I was younger.

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If anybody did, they kept very quiet about it!

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LOL in college a guy in my class told me he had a crush on me. He was nice about it and seemed normal. He asked me out and I said yes.
We had some fun together but I was nothing like him.
I think most fantasies are not realistic.

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A lady once had a crush on me. We were in a wrestling match and she won.

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this came up in a list to the right. Clicked on it. Saw @KatawaGrey and went “holy crap!” Well, yeah. 2008. I miss @KatawaGrey.

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