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Ideas for a creative project on The Kite Runner?

Asked by mirza (5042points) August 21st, 2007

I have to do a creative project on THE KITE RUNNER - the only problem is i lack creativity. So any ideas?

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I thought you were an aspiring web designer. Try something on the web, possibly something interactive.

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i am creative on the computer - but not in like drawing things with my hand on paper

it has to be something done physically - a drawing, collage, song , a sculpture ,etc

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maybe a timeline of the story using kites from different periods of history, make your own using middleeastern symbolism and colors attach some incense and have it burning while presenting your project

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Hawaiiguy gets an A on the project; the problem is that it is Mirza's. You can be creative w/o being a good artist or "borrowing" someone else's idea. The book is filled w. inspiring imagery. Take a leap of faith, Mirza, or turn down the project. Is it for a school credit?

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its for school so cant really turn it down

on a positive note, i convince one of my artistic friends to do the project with me - which means i do the coloring while she does the painting and construction

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So whose project is it then (cough)?

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