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What's the best way to scan pages of typewritten text to use in Word (Mac)?

Asked by kulfi (23points) August 21st, 2007

What's the quickest and most reliable way to scan pages of typewritten text (yes, typed using a typewriter) and have that text be read and usable in Word? I have a Mac, and haven't bought a scanner or software yet. Thanks!

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Many scanners come with OCR software. I would look for a scanner in your price range and read some reviews on the included software.

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I'll second that answer: OCR is the way to go.. most scanners will advertise it if they're capable of doing it..

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If you have Adobe Photoshop you can hook any scanner up and scan differctly through that program. (File, Import, click on your printer name) then you can save the file in may different formats such as pdf that will change your scan which will allow you to click and drag right over the typed words and right click copy. Then just paste it rightinto your word document. You can then spell check as well as change font size & style. Goodluck!

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