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What would you name your child?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) November 10th, 2008 from iPhone

so I’m having a baby soon I really like the name annabella but there was this girl that my husband had a thing with not anything serious but still…we had been set on Maryjane but I’m me and people know my thing but that’s not the reason I want to name her that I truely believe that’s a beautiful name. The other name is mallory someone help…and you can tell me what you would name your kid or what you did name them and why give me ideas!

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Boy: Wadsworth
Girl: Adrienne, Columbia, or Magenta

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Both of my children are boys. Harrison and Colton. My girl names were Isabella, Emma, and Alexia.

I think all the names you have considered are pretty. Just remember a couple of things. You will have to live with any associations that come with names from people you have known, but much of that will fly out the window as your child’s personality develops and you associate the name with your child. However, your child will have to live with his or her name forever. Pick something that will stand the test of time for your little one.

Congratulations. You don’t say if this is your first baby, but just in case, you are about to enter the most amazing time of your life. It’s a wonderful miracle that you created.

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I would name him after a skateboard trick. Nollie Kickflip Fleeman or Benihana Fleeman, or Boneless Fleeman. If its a girl I would name her after a flower.

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mamasu, I really like the name Harrison!

But my favourite names are Lyra, Aurora, Conrad and Gareth.

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My name is Madison Sloane
My sister’s name is Bailee Jordan
Some names my SO and I have come up with when we decide to have children are:
Boy- Elijah Kieron; Aidyn Ruyter
Girl- Suri Aerin; Alessandra Etienne pronounced (e-shun)

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this is my first child!!

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Madeline is a great name

but its mine ;)

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I like the simple names: Joy, Kelley, Lisa.
@A_beaver, Tucker is what I named my new puppy.

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eh, i still like it. :)

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I’m in favor of wacky names, since I have one. I like truly unique, not just weird spellings like like Ashlee or like my friend Merrehdyth. (what?) I like long forgotten ethnic names. Look on a baby naming site like that can give you some really unexpected inspiration while browsing around.

I always really liked Olivia, Cooper (boy or girl) and Winter cause it’s my favorite season…I like little old lady names and the names in my family.

@comedian: What, no Janet?

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Autumn or Amelia, and congratulations on your first child!!!

For those of you suggesting boy’s names, I think she is having a girl

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@scamp: While she may be looking specifically for girls names for herself, the question itself was asked for a name for a child. I think any answers for a boy or a girl are fine.

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My daughters have beautiful names (in my opinion) that I would be willing to offer up. In order of birth they are Valerie, Maren, and Halle.

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@Chuck: I love those…consider them potentially stolen in the future. :)

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Hazel – If I ever have kids (I probably won’t) this is what I would name my daughter.
Other beautiful names:

But seriously, go with Maryjane.

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Girl: Lilith, Annabel, Ariadne
Boy: Conner, James, Chandler

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Harley Quinn

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Batman, I think you have some unresolved issues. :P

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@asmonet i do, but its sill a pretty awesome name.

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I’m a big fan of traditional or family names myself. At least for middle names. You have to keep nicknames in mind too.

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I got stuck with Jessica so my kid is going to have a weird name.

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The way I did it with my kids was based on what was going on in the world. So, I gave the world Christa and Elaine (simply “Lanie”) If I give you the years can you guess why these names? 1986 and 1989

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Male: Damien
Female: Nadia

Go with whatever feels right, man.

@buster – You better name your kid Nollie Kickflip.

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Girl: Ryan, Leighton, Macy, Brooklyn
Boys: Jason, Adam, Aaron, Adrian, Jackson, Aidan

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ryan is an interesting name for a girl. my boyfriends name is ryan. lol

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I named my daughter Ryan. She’s 15 and Ryan has always fit her. She is Ryan. The thing that cracks me up is that she is so Ryan that when those who know her hear the name Ryan they think of a girl.

One thing that is ridiculous though, is when people ask if I was expecting a boy. Really? I didn’t realize that she was a girl when she came out with girl parts? Please. I also love when, at the start of a school year, teachers think she’s lying about her name. Oh, and having a boy tell his parents that he’s got a crush on Ryan has led to some pretty interesting conversations from what I’ve heard.

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Lol. Ya I bet that would lead to interesting conversations. I just never heard a girls name as Ryan. I guess its just hard for my to picture since my boyfriends name is Ryan. So i think boy. But I like the name. And the more I think of it. It could be either. its just hard for my to grasp. Just cause of my boyfriend. lol

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I always wanted to name a boy Paul and a girl Felicity. I never had any girls, and none of my boys is named Paul.

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I’ve only thought up names for boys.
Gregory is one of my favorites.
Benjamin (after my great-grandather).
Julian (a variation of Julia, after both my great-grandmother and mother).
I also like Harris, Riley, Zachary, Quincey (Quinn), Phillip, Nolan, and Everett.

..and Xanther. (Kidding.)

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How about Fluthero if a boy and Flutherina if a girl?

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Astrochuck..hahahahaha flutherina oh shit that’s humor.

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Isabelle and Xavier. People think I’m crazy for the boy name but I’ve been in love with it since I was little. And not X-avier, but pronounced with the “z” sound.

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My girls:
Madison Jeanette aka Maddie
(Note that she is 14. When I named her, I had never heard the name before in real life. I was looking for something unique, but not trendy. Sigh.)

Jessica Yorke aka Jessie

Alaina Faye aka Lainey

All the middle names are after grandparents.

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If a girl, Sophia.
If a boy, no idea, although I am fond of the Nicholas name
(cool uncle & cousins with that name).

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I named my oldest daughter Kerstin, but I spelt it wrong. The way we pronounce it I was supposed to spell it Kirsten. My other daughter is Melissa. It’s hard to tease that name. Messy Missy is about as bad as it got.
Landon has become a really popular name, but when I named my son Landon 24 years ago it wasn’t. I tell him all the time that the name got so popular because he was so darned cute and he started a movement.
My grand children are Liam and Rees for the boys and my Grand daughter Ryven is due in December. What do you think of the name Ryven anyway? I guess it’s a city in Scotland.

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I love the name ~ Kelly :)

And love Jeffrey & Joshua
Riley & Ryan

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Just don’t give you kids names that all start with the same letter.

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astrochuck- NO!! That’s what my parents did! So our initials are A.A and instead of a middle name they put our mothers maiden name ugh well now my names changed so people don’t have a hard time pronouncing my last name but i get the “is that really yout last name?” or “wow I love your last name” or “so is the myth true?!?” kind of annoying but oh well

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My girlfriend wants to name a girl Rowan, which I think is lovely name, or if it’s a boy, John, after her dad.

I don’t tell her that I think naming boys after their fathers is a disgusting display of patriarchy, I will just make sure that we adopt a girl.

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Wow, I’ve no idea if I’ll ever have kids, or even get married for that matter, but some of these names are so beautiful and fitting :) makes me want kids :D

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Oh my goodness I forgot to mention my grandson Jude, named after, yours truly.

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I would name a girl either Samantha or Annika. A boy would be Theodore (Theo) for my dad.

As other have mentioned, please remember that your child will have to live with the repurcussions (<-sp?) of the name. Check out before you do anything!

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Ruth comes from the root “compassion”

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Always liked the name Chester. I used to know a Parrot by that name.

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I always liked the word Urethra. Very lyrical, but if I had that name myself I’d probly be pissed!

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My husband and I were somewhat at odds at first. Then we found out we were having a daughter and we were just talking one day and one of us mentioned Makayla and we just knew it fit- plus she kicked every time we called her Makayla. Then I learned that one of my husband’s favorite storybook characters as a child was named Abigail- she was somewhat curious and precocious. So we ended up with Makayla Abigail who is very precocious and curious- intelligent, funng and cute also!

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If I named a girl Maryjane, my friends would definitely assume it was a marijuana reference.

My plan would be to name a girl Dante.

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@Tits – Have you seen Fullmetal Alchemist?

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@shading: I have heard of it, but I haven’t seen it…

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tits: Thats the problem everybody assumes that’s why I named her that but really that had no role in it.

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@adri: Yeah, it’s a cute name, it’s just soooo steeped in drug culture… not that I have any problem with drugs, but yeah…

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@Tits: Oh. Well, there is a character named Dante. I just wondered if you also associated the name with the show.

I love the name, too.

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@shading: I more associated it with the Divine Comedy, and I have a guy friend named Dante. His last name is Silva, so I maintain that he should marry my friend Sterling so the full name would be “Sterling Silva”.

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@tits: I agree but fuck it that’s her name.

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@adri: well all the power to you.

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why thank you tits.

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I think “Thank you, tits” is a phrase that should be used more often.

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There are many a great phrase involving my username. I’m going to compile a lot of them and put them on a tshirt I think.

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Sweet, Tits!
Add that to your list.

TitsMcGhee's avatar

YES. I’m def GAing that. :D

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Then there are the obvious ones:
Nice, tits.
Well done, tits. (I think I like this best.. heh.)
Amazing, tits.

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Haha, I get that all those all the time!

… except there aren’t any commas in the phrases…

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Heh, GA.

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Don’t name your child something that has an unpleasant association for you. If there’s a history with Annabella, don’t risk it. You will never shed that connection.

What’s beautiful to one person is neutral or unattractive to another. Never mind what other people would or wouldn’t choose. Go with a name that you will love to hear and say a million times, that you will love seeing on gift tags and spelling papers and lunch boxes. that you can yell across the yard or playground. Picture it on a diploma. Remember that she will be a little kid for only a short time and (we hope) a grown woman for many, many years. Choose a name that will sound wonderful when her promotion is announced or she runs for office, that she can post proudly on her office door, that a man may someday murmur lovingly in her ear.

You might want to look back in your family history (and your husband’s) and see if there’s a name that sounds wonderful to you and belonged to someone the family is proud of. Be wary of choosing the name of a living celebrity who might disgrace herself horribly in the tabloids a year or two from now. Trendy names are risky anyway. Your daughter may find that half her classmates have the same name. Go here to see what names are popular and have been recently, and steer away from the top 100.

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boy: kyle….or lawrence
girl: shania or celine (after celine dion)

my anme is alex, and i would never nake my kid a jr. (no offense to anyone) if i had to, i would make him Alex the second

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@90skid: if I would’ve had a boy it would’ve sen Robert the second there wasn’t many boy names I liked..
@jeruba: great answer..well I stuck with Maryjane I love that name I’ll never get tired of it and I don’t care what people think

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I think Grace or Gracie is a nice name.

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wait what adri?

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90s→ I was agreeing with you I wouldn’t name my kid junior but if it would’ve been a boy I would’ve probably named him Robert the second just because the last name really completes it haha

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Named my son Max—he is, from the day he was born. It’s him. He’s a Maxwell; could have been Maximillian or ..Max. Fun signature to play with, graphically, all those slashes and straight lines. Now about all those German Shepards…?

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I love the name Mallory or Valeria. Other names I like are Haylee, Sienna and Marianna. If I ever had a child I’d give it two names for example ; Corinne Jade ..

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I am determined to have another daughter in the future and name her mallory.

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I prefer Malory with one l, personally.

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Yes, one l. Also, I would end it with an -ie. I just think it looks better that way. I don’t know what makes me say that.
Mallory malorie

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I think it just looks better Mallory. Malorie..hmm

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I kinda’ like Malorie. It looks…softer, somehow?

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I don’t know… I really like the spelling of Malorie, but when I look at it, it just makes me think of “calorie”, which, except in the chemical sense as a unit of heat, tends to carry a negative connotation… :-/

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How about skipping the “e” Malori. It works for Judi

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maybe…to be honest I don’t like the name I was just adding my opinion….but many names end in -y so I was just giving an example.

Malori…..malorie….no I need the e :)

but for Judi I would definitely put just I. I guess it depends on the name :S

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Leave out the “L” too, and she’ll have a nice pseudo-ethnic-appropriated name from a
cooler culture than whatever yours is.

I would name a girl Rosa and a boy Charlie. So much for inventiveness.

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Girl: Crystal

Boy: Tommy or Justin

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Adolf Josef-Pol Mao Milosevic

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my son is called Lennon, Lennon Joseph to be precise, i was never a beatles fan but I just like it as a first name, plus i can try and be cool when im over 40 and call him LJ (which will make me no doubt look like an idiot :)

whats worrying is that i now live in Berlin, Germany and everyone keeps asking me how Lenin is, erm.. wrong piece of history methinks!

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oh and if we have a girl next which we want i think she will be called maja…

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why not Yoko? or Ono rather.

TheFonz_is's avatar

mwhhaha cough splutter…

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i have baby boy i name him jabari and if he was a girl i was gonna name rthe baby savannah but i had a boy so i name him jabari

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A few you will like never hear..
Akeina (a-kee-nah)
Brenna (bren-na)
Stacia( like Annastacia)
or Chastity

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@Judi I liked the name Grace so much I named my daughter Grace and often call her Gracie

@Brenna Chastity? Sometime during the 1960s Sonny & Cher named their daughter Chastity. When I grew up and realised what the name actually meant, I felt great compassion for her and wonder now if she changed the name when she was older.

I rather like the name Max, for boy or girl.

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Dalton Alexander Frances Wexler !! My boyfriend’s last name is Wexler so yeah :)

But I’m 22 and not ready to have kids, so maybe 5 years from now I will think this is a HIDEOUS name for a child! lol.

I’ve always liked—Leonardo, Michael, Alexander, and Christian for boys.

If I had a daughter she would be on the lines of ——Cora, Minka, Claire, .. I have no idea :-(

It’s easier for me to think of boy names rather than girl names, maybe because I’m very picky with girl names.

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