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Should I quit? Please read details!

Asked by lillady604332000 (119points) November 11th, 2008

I really like my job but I don’t feel like I’m getting paid well enough for what I do. I beleive that I’m one of the hardest workers at my company. I have been there for close to 2 years. I want to talk to my boss about possibly moving up to a higher position but I know that I don’t have the best availability so is it even worth asking?

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What do you mean by “I don’t have the best availability?” I cannot understand that.

And keep in mind that thousands of people are being laid-off as I write, due to the economy. Maybe now is not the right time. You like your job, you’re getting paid fairly well…hang on until the economy turns more favorable and think about your skills; working hard does not necessarily equate to learning more sophisticated skills.

(Perhaps an evening class somewhere to strengthen your bargaining position. oh, and believe)

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Listen to O’ wise one, lilladady.

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I also have another job that is full-time! and this job that I am talking about is my second job part-time. So Im available evenings and weekends but I guess that isn’t good enough. and I really want to stay there because of the economy and how everything is right now. In the spring I will be starting college so I really do need the money!

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and I’m also supposed to be starting a new seasonal job at a tax place next year but I don’t want to take it if it’s going to hurt my chances at possibly moving up to a higher position.

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1) You won’t get what you want unless you’re willing to ask for it.

2) If you are correct in your self assessment, if your boss is a good manager (s)he will recognize that and try to find a way to make you happy.

3) If you don’t get what you want, you have to look at all your options. Look at worst case scenario…if you dont’ think you can get by without the extra income (and put yourself through school) without the job, then you have to perhaps make the sacrifice.

It’s always better to leave a job only when you have another one lined up, because you never know how long it will take you to find another one.

Best course of action is to find out what your boss sees as possible. If the structure of what they need in a higher up requires hours that you can’t work, then it’s not going to work out and you can set your sights on the future, knowing that taking the tax job won’t be problematic.

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ask ur boss… if ur boss hates you and doesnt give a shyt of you or give u chance to rise just change the job. but bear in mind the economy is terrible now and it might be hard to get a job try a get another one first before thinking of even quitting the current.

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Don’t quit, things in life don’t happen overnight, @dalepetrie mentioned that it’s best to leave your job when another is lined up very sound advice. Talk to your boss first about the opportunity of advancement, there is a possibility by the mere fact that you approached him on this matter that he will put you on a plan to help you realize your ambition…..time reveals everything….ask and wait

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