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David Byrne or Peter Gabriel?

Asked by Megan64 (5826points) November 12th, 2008

Which and why?

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David Byrne. Not even close.
Although, I do prefer Genesis with Peter Gabriel as lead singer to Genesis with Phil Collins in that role.
Talking Heads kick ass!

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David Byrne for sure, especially his stuff with Brian Eno.

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I agree with both of you. I love Gabriel but he reminds me of high school, whereas Byrne reminds me of that strange, glorious space I lived between moving out and getting my life together.

and yes…Gabriel’s Genesis was on a whole other level than Collins’, and adding Eno into anyone’s mix and it’s bound to be killer. I was just listening to Here Come the Warm Jets yesterday after a long hiatus. It sounded so good.

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Peter David and Gabriel Byrne.

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@MacBean: Gabriel Byrne…sigh

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I’m gonna be contrary here, Peter Gabriel. Never cared for David Byrne…

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David Byrne my brother met him and asked him to go on a bike ride in nashville 2 weeks ago! (he just laughed it off)

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David Byrne, poster boy for my young adulthood. Sigh. I have a 1983 poster of him that went from gracing the wall of my office at the first ad agency I worked at, to the wall in our TV room.

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Peter Gabriel is still doing some cutting edge research with music and computers.

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David Byrne. Love his work.

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