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If you could be God for one week what would you do?

Asked by AstroChuck (37548points) November 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Not just a god, but the God. You have 7 days of unlimited power.

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day 1: pool using planets as pool balls
day 2: turn saturn into a basketball and goal
day 3: appear in as many muffins and pieces of toast as possible
day 4: ride with pope in pope-mobile
day 5: go down to hell and leave a burning bag of poo on satan’s porch
day 6: smoke a blunt and take a nap
day 7: destroy it all and start over

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you can see mine, yours and other answers to this Q here also.

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1) Prove my existence beyond a shadow of a doubt.
2)Tell everyone that I meant it when I said “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “judge not lest ye be judged.”
3) Smite everyone who didn’t listen to #2.

Edit: PnL’s link reminded me of one other thing:
4) Do away with any form of organized religion.

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Day One
Draw borders around the countries and post notices that these are defined for eternity

Day Two
Place natural resources within every country’s border

Day Three
Build renewable energy plants for all

@Day Four @
Leave undeniable signs (think “GOD WUZ HERE”) all around the world

Day Five and Six
Visit everyone on the planet and leave them with photos of any charitable miracle they choose, give them a hug and tell them to do their best

Day Seven
Take a nap

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Jesus, PnL! I thought I had a clever and original question and you have to go and f**k that up!
Seriously, I don’t remember that Q. And a JackAdams Q at that! I hate when that happens.
Relunctant lurve for setting me straight.

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Hookers and blow!

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hehhe. chuckie. i don’t like the sound of this “reluctant” lurve. hmph. and youuuuuu answered that Q. how can you not remember it? because i totally remember every single thread i answer. just kidding. growing old there buddy. almost 10 now right? :P

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1. Establish a permanent world peace
2. Infuse the earth will a sustainable, renewable, non-polluting energy source that will never run out
3. Supply mankind with the technology to create space vehicles that will enable exploration into deep space
4. Eradicate every disease known to man
5. Repopulate the earth with animal and fish species that are currently endangered and facing possible extinction

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@PnL- Oh my God! You are right! I swear I didn’t remember that. It’s even one of my stupid, smartass answers too. I deserve to lose lurve for that.
Damn. I’m too young for senility!

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I would buy myself a new iPod.

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Days 1 through 6 – convince as many fundamentalists as possible that there is more than one religion.

Day 7 – Leave a messiah that is the savior for every major religion that tends to exclude people. This means one person to finish up my work.

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Make every single person live 7 days in the shoes of the person they loathe the most.

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Opposite day!!!

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I would do nothing, other than try to figure out where the fuck I came from.

I don’t see why people feel bad for asking the same question twice. There are always new users and I like this question a lot. I wouldn’t have found the older one and I want a turn to answer! So more lurve to you for this question, whether you like it or not. :P

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Let it ride….

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Heard that.

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So many of these answers are such wonderful ideas.
Here are a couple to add:
Show people that truth can be found in the journey and struggle with faith, not just the facts.
Answer the question “why do people suffer?”
Convince humankind that diversity is a good and safe thing.
Help people to come to terms with the possibility that there may be more than one right answer.

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@cdwccrn- Great answer.

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1: explain that truth cannot be found in th ”..journey and struggle with faith” is no reason to believe in me, and that I should have given hard evidence and that was a mistake on my part.
2: Not have people suffer. I mean if I was, then why bother with suffering. Just simply stop it.
3. Finally, leave one just one book explaining everything unambiguously. And not a list of rules, just a text book on everything we ever wanted to know. And remove all memory of ever having been another book.


PS: Oh and maybe as a bonus if everyone was good, I would make the president of the United states a black atheist lesbian. And EU president a Roma gay man etc. Just for fun.

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@noon: life would not be nearly the gloriou adventure that it is your way.

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i would make a band and sing “what if god was one of us…”. nah but seriously the question i think is a trick question; trying to differentiate us into the “the childish” or “the selfish” or “the corny” people… i think the question should be phrased as: whom is naive enough to think they can be god for a week?

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@akanda: Actually, the question should be phrased exactly as is. It’s hypothetical. “What would you do if you were God?” That’s like saying someone who asks, “What would you do if you won $100 million dollars” shouldn’t have bothered asking because the chances of anyone winning that amount of money are so low that you may as well not even ask, hypothetically, which is ridiculous. Imagination goes a long way.

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