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What stinking router must I purchase to use with my Quest DSL?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) November 14th, 2008

I am getting fed up with QWest, but at the moment it wouldn’t make much sense finically to end my subscription with them.
OKay, let me explain as simply as possible. I need a router that supports UPnP and can be used as a modem for my DSL on QWest.
When i call QWest, they give the run around, bouncing from one numb brain to another, most of which have no idea what I mean when I say UPnP. So I can’t get a strait answer out them, their website doesn’t tell me junk, other then some models come in Blue! oooohhh, I don’t give a side F*** I need UPnP so I can utilize “Back To My Mac” and a few other off site networking “toys.” Mainly apps on my iPhone.
Thus, to summarize, can anyone tell me what modem I should get with UPnP that will work for QWest DSL.

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Angry much?

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Yes… Very… Very… Angry with QWest… I HATE THEM SO MUCH! I can’t really get any better service ether cause I live in the middle of Bum-F-Nowhere. The fact that people in this neighborhood even know what the internet is, let alone high-speed internet, is a miracle. I think that is why the are F***ing with me so much, cause they know I can’t leave them…

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I personally like Cisco 17xx routers, they are the most stable router available to hookup Qwest DSL to, and BONUS, they support multilink PPP (for up to 14meg download, whee!). Plan on spending about $150 new for the modem and the WIC card. Unfortunately I have no experience with Macs to say if it’ll work good in your exact situation? I would suggest dsl reports is going to be your best resource.

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