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Can you recommend a business class modem/router?

Asked by the100thmonkey (11235points) October 21st, 2010

My school needs to replace our router for our business broadband as it is not designed for the size of the network it is running, and is consequently giving us all kinds of connectivity problems.

We have:

1 ADSL line
1 24 port Layer 2 switch
5 PCs in the administration area.
3 PCs in the students’ room
10 PCs in the computer room
5–10 wireless devices (varies)
2 additional wireless access points to provide complete coverage throughout the building
There are plans to purchase an additional 10 computers for the computer room in Q3 2011.

Obviously, we need something that is rock-solid stable. Price is an issue – we don’t want to spend more than is necessary, but at the same time we recognise that we have to spend some money on it.

Can you recommend a modem/router that includes a wireless access point?

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Buffalo routers with DDWRT is the answer. Do a little research (Google) and get the right one. You won’t look back.

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@UScitizen I think Buffalo is limited to four ports.

@the100thmonkey I think we need to know what is in the budget. The solution may cost $1600 for a unit that has wireless with 24 ports.

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It’s not important how many ports the unit has – it’s acting as the DHCP server on the layer 2 switch.

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I was thinking about this.


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