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Do you think Hilary Clinton would be a good Secretary of State?

Asked by basp (4806points) November 14th, 2008 from iPhone

The news reports indicate that Obama is considering Hilary for secretary of state do you think that is a good choice?

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No, I don’t support Dynasty after Dynasty in any way in US Gov.

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Yes. She knows just about every world leader on the planet and I think it would be good for women and children all over the world. Rice had little impact because she worked under Bush even though it was a huge deal to have a black woman as Secretary of State. Their administration sat back and let some pretty bad things happen in other parts of the world.

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I say we all wait until he actually picks her, because there were news reports indicating that he was going to pick her for VP way back when and those news reports were obviously wrong. Now if they are right and Obama does pick her I am all for it, I think she would do a great job. She has many connections, knows many leaders and I think can work well with Obama to bring the country back.

Dynasty after Dynasty? What do you call Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.?

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I would imagine these news reports originated from Hilary’s camp. I think Obama is smart enough not to select a Secretary of State who maintained he was not qualified to be commander in chief during the campaign. He would also be loath to give Hilary such a high profile position from which to launch a challenge to him in 2012.

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He already won, there’s really no point in him going for her voters anymore. He should pick someone qualified, if she’s it, great. If not then he should place the MOST qualified person.

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“I think it would be good for women and children all over the world”

Would you mind explaining that sentiment?

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I wish he brought Albright back! Even Arabs respected her for her competence.

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One of the reasons that I was for Clinton in the first place was because she is well respected all over the world. I felt that if a woman was in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the world then other women in places where they have no power would see themselves as more deserving. I also felt that men that control these countries and would have to deal with her may begin to feel differently about women as well. When women are taken care of children are taken care of and I feel that she would stand up for women because she does here in the states.

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@TaoSan – “Even Arabs”??? Can you please qualify that statement? Whoa. Whoa. What makes you think “Arabs” won’t “respect” Hillary for her competence? AGH.

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I’d have to dig for the right quotes. Saudi’s are traditionally opposed to communicating / negotiating with women. Some even refuse to look at a woman not in a burka. Albright was (to my knowledge) the first woman ever to be invited to a state dinner in any capacity other than show-off wife.

Dunno how much it would take Clinton to establish a similar status.

Riyadh, February 25th 2005

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Yes, I think she’d make an excellent Secretary of State. She is smart, hard-working, and widely respected. But I think Obama has a choice of several excellent candidates for Secretary of State. Richardson and Kerry are good possibilities, and I like what I have seen of Chuck Hagel.

I think my first choice would be Richardson. He has strong foreign policy experience, and I would think Obama and the Democrats would want to keep people like Clinton and Kerry working for them in the Senate.

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I would think Supreme Court justice would be better. It is a lifetime job so no more politicking. It potentially has more power than anything in the Executive or Legislative branches. And she is a very smart woman.

I would like to Colin Powell in State. He is an honorable man with experience. Like most military men, he recognizes that war is the last alternative. And he has proven himself loyal by not trying to shoot down an inept president but also refusing to serve one.

He may have a different viewpoint but I think he is honest about it and President Obama knows he needs honest people around him instead of yesmen

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I think Colin Powell would be a wonderful choice, but I’d be surprised if he’d take it.

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What state exactly?

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I think Hilary Clinton would make a good Secretary of State she is well fitted for the job.

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She got shot at in Bosnia getting off a plane, no? Was she not running with her head down, Chelsee in tow, under sniper fire, was it not? Terrific Choice, what a “Change” that we’ve all been working and waiting for, change, Clinton, change, Clinton—like Peaches and Herb.

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