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What song(s) were you embarrased by the lyrics once you learned them?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) November 14th, 2008

I was working out yesterday and the song “O.P.P.” came on by Naughty by Nature. I like that song but I never really listened to the words. I was quite shocked to hear what O.P.P really is. The initial shock wore off until I remember using that song in a class I used to teach.

Ever experience something like this with a song you liked or used in a visual presentation?

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Let’s talk about sex baby…

I was like seven singing it in my yard. I’m sure people thought I was some sort of abuse victim.

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My wonderful sister, SuperMouse, would walk around proudly singing, “Windmill, windmill photograph,” thinking that she knew just what the Gorillaz were singing. I let her do it for awhile before I looked up the correct lyrics, ” Windmill, windmill for the land,” and really messed up her vibe. She liked that the lyrics were weird and didn’t make sense, until I rained on her parade.

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@gimmedat: Ratting out siblings in a public forum. You win.

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I love her, that’s why I couldn’t let her embarrass herself any longer. Also why I couldn’t resist this question.

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i remember they censored the part where prince sang “you sexy motha’fucka’” with just trumpet sounds, and then asking mom why they did that, and what it meant, she never gave me a clear answer on it until i found out for myself… :p

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It’s only embarrassing when your parents walk in while you’re singing the lyrics.

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Muh muh muh my Sharona!
I never paid attention to the lyrics until Rock Band. They are dirrrrrty.

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Rosie by Jackson Browne:

Rosie, you’re all right, you wear my ring
When you hold me tight, Rosie, that’s my thing
When you turn out the light I got to hand it to me
Looks like it’s me and you again tonight, Rosie.

This is NOT a song about a girl…

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Aug: Haha…that’s a good one.

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Jesus loves me this I know…....Embarrased me to think how dumb I was believing in that horseshit!

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@umarican, i fully agree, i sang all those song when i was still young, geez

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I hope its not about my Messypeepee crack! (private joke) sorry!

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Chuck Berry – My Ding a Ling

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bah, my ding a ling! thats so funny the chef at the restaurant would sing it in a banchee like voice at the top of her lungs..

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I always thought snoop doggs “sensual seduction” was a catchy song and was quite surprised to find it is actually “sexual eruption”

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I had a friend of mine that would sing “Its raining magic hallelujah its raining magic” Ah if only i had a picture of his face when i told him the song lyrics were actually “its raining men

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Spice Girls “two become one”. I barely realized after listening to that song recently after so long they say “be a little bit wiser baby, put it on put it on”. I had no idea what that meant when I was younger. Either that be embarsssing or the fact I loved spice girls and still do.

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TheHaight. I completely understand the Spice Girl love. Engineered pop perfection.

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At age 5 or there about, I thought “ooh, you touch my….tralala” was a great song! A good few years later, I learned English and the facts of life and….well….. Laughed my head off at how embarressed my mum must have been :)

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My friend shouts a song in a line at Walmart. I didn’t know what he was singing, or what he was saying. And I was instantly embarassed. I don’t ever get embarassed because things just happen sometimes. He embarassed the crap out of me because he can’t sing at all and he was getting impatient standing in line. I have known him for a long time and it still makes me mad/embarassed. But hes a damn good friend, I just wish he would get some patience. Music from a band has never really embarassed.

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@AtSeD: We sing sometimes in lines or when we’re cooking or just walking places. But since we all do it, it’s not so embarrassing. Just yesterday we were walking to the pet store and someone started singing Float On and we played it over the speakers on the iPhone and sang as we walked. It was fun. So, I guess my suggestion is next time make sure he’s singing something you know and join in!

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Stop! The Love You Save (May Be Your Own) by The Jackson 5 was one of my favorite songs back in the day, but when I grew up and really heard the lyrics, I thought they were the most misogynist, double-standarding pieces of tripe I’d ever heard. But the beat still kicks butt and it’s hooky as hell, though, so whaddya gonna do?

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A tad bit embarrassing, but recently I was re-listening to ‘Busted’ a rather popular pop-boy-band from about 4/5 years ago. I was actually surprised to hear the lyrics in their true meaning from a more…mature…point of view. I’m actually surprised because the music appealed to everyone around the ages of 10–14 if I can remember rightly, kind of scary.

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@sky: That’s all boy bands. :P Where were they popular? I’ve never heard of them, I’m in the US.

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Haha, well I’ll be sure to steer clear of them all from now on then, just in case I uncover something I didn’t want to :P

They were quite big in the UK, but I don’t know about outside of it, one of the members quit and is now a member of Fightstar, of whom I much prefer the music of :D. Their biggest song was ‘Year 3000’ I think, but it seems that they only grew big in the UK.

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Feedback by Janet Jackson…

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The french line in Lady Marmalade. It was popular in the 70’s, and I used to go around singing it to myself until I went overseas and a French girlfriend told me what it meant. Great – I had been going around singing “do you want to (sleep with) me tonight.” OMG Probably wouldn’t be a big deal nowadays, but in the 70’s that was pretty embarrassing.

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