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Can I recieve an advance on forty-two pages of a novel (infuences: King, Kerouac, Thompson?

Asked by steve6 (2559points) November 14th, 2008
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How good is it, my friend?

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The writers you mention had (have) very different voices and styles. How about your own voice? (And do learn how to spell “receive.” Editors like that.)

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Generally, first time novelists do not get an advance on an incomplete draft unless they are famous for something else already. However, it wouldn’t hurt to show what you have to a few literary agents. If someone in the publishing business sees a spark of greatness they can give you encouragement.

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Don’t forget that an advance is just that: an advance against royalties. The bigger the advance, the more you are expected to earn back through sales. If you don’t make your sales, you’ll be asked to return it.

Also if the agent you approach is interested, you’ll be asked for the complete manuscript. You might want to be ready to send the whole thing before you start trying to sell it.

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I before E, except after C.

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@Jeruba: Generally, you get to keep your advance even if you don’t make your sales. Advances are carefully calibrated based on what a publisher anticipates being able to sell. I’m sure there are exceptions, however. Publishing is likely to change a lot during this economy.

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I suppose that may vary with publisher and contract, so I guess I should have said you could be asked. The author I heard speak earlier this week made this statement as a general proposition and also said that she had declined the advance in favor of 18 months of promotion, rather than being on her own for promotion after the first rush.

I recently heard another author of three published novels point out that a large first advance is a liability when you come to negotiating your second book if your first fell short, and she recommended changing your pen name if that happens.

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Sure send me a couple grand and I’ll do it.

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