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What setting to output from a laptop to a 16:9 HD TV??

Asked by arthurbach4 (6points) August 24th, 2007

I have just bought a 42” Panasonic plasma tv (res up to 1080p) and I had a question about using it as a computer display.

I hooked it up to my laptop (pc with win xp home) and used a vga cord to get the picture happening.

The picture, however, is ever so slightly squashed (ie people look slightly shorter and slightly fatter)

My lap top is a widescreen model and when I check Properties>Settings it is set to 1280×768.

I am able to change the aspect ratio through the tv itself but can only toggle between 16:9 and 4:3

4:3 is also almost correct but again the people look slightly taller and skinnier.

Is it a matter of adjusting the display settings of the laptop through Properties>Settings to get the correct fit?

I could do it by trial and error I suppose but I have to restart the computer each time you change the resolution and it takes 9 years to reboot.

Do any of these settings look like they might be the one?

1280×768 (the laptop’s default setting)

Thanks for your time.

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If you can do 1080p wouldn't 1920x1080 be it?
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My laptop auto sets the aspect if I reboot it while hooked up to the tv. Then you will know for future use.
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4:2 (or 2:1) is the aspect ratio of most wide screen TVs it seems. So you would be needing a resolution of something like 1200x600 or any similar divisible to make it look reasonably proportioned.
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Oh wait you have a 16:9 ratio wide that would mean that for every 9p up there is 16 across. (not the 4:2, I quoted earlier) Thus you would be needing resolution along the 1600x900 range or 800x450 or 3200x1800

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