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What phone carrier does Obama use with his Blackberry?

Asked by hashembajwa (37points) November 17th, 2008

Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon?

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None, in another couple months.

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@babygall, Because he will be in the White House and will undoubtedly be provided with several phones.

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They don’t want him using one that is traceable. Standard wireless networks are too insecure for the leader of America.

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They’ve recently come out and said that his Blackberry isn’t secure enough and he will have to get a new phone. One of my friends thought it would be a total coup for Apple to create a super-secure iPhone and give it to him, but I wasn’t sure that was possible.

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@tali Baby’s “why?” might be the same as what I was thinking….as in why would you want to know (directed at the asker).


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this says why, its also talks bout how if he wants privacy he is going to need to stop using email.

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Aisyna has the right link.

Basically, the Presidential Papers makes anything Obama writes a matter of public record. Having a Blackberry at your hip invites too many potential moments for an uncensored message to be sent.

He is considering being the first President in history to have a laptop on his desk in the Oval Office. But they are debating whether being the first President to use email and IM is a step too far.

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Please, the last thing I need is:

“AT&T: Official carrier of Barrack Obama.”

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I thought he had an iPhone. Doesn’t he?

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My “Why” was intended to hashe. As in Why does he want to know.

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Beecause the Times wrote an article about him having a BlackBerry, so I wondered what services does he use. I have a BlackBerry and I think it sucks, I always lose reception and service. Its AT&T. I’m curious what the President-elent of the country uses…probably a good choice given he’s been hauling all over the country to small towns and big ones. That’s why I wanted to know.

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