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My laptop sounds like...beep!

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) August 24th, 2007


When I use my laptop for a while (like 10 minutes, it starts to make a strange noise. It’s a very high tone. I think it’s from the fan with all the dust in it, but I don’t think I can just screw my laptop open. Can I clean it from the outside without opening anything what coul’d break warranty, and stop that irritating NOISE!! IT“S DRIVING ME NUTS! Sorry…


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if it is year old macbook... This is common. You will have to take it to an apple store and have it fixed under warranty.
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It's a 5 months young Acer (!)
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It might be the Hard Drive letting you know that it is going to die.. It might be a good time for a back-up of important data.
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You think? It's 5 months old, it never fell, it isn't damaged, at all! Actually, I know that it's the fan, because when I give it a little tick with my fingers, it stops, for five seconds. Then dust is sucked in the fan again, I think.
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Sounds more like your HDD stops spinning to go into auto-protect when you flick it.
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My laptop doesn’t have that technology.

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I had an HP laptop hard drive fail after 2 months. Its entirely possible.

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