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Do I have a super power?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) November 18th, 2008

I have a good memory in general, but when it comes to dates and numbers, my memory is out of this world. Upon hearing a date or a number of any kind once, I remember it forever.

For every date in the year, I can remember at least 5 things that are relevant to it from my life (i.e., the birthday of some random girl I met once and haven’t thought about in six years, the guest speaker that appeared at my school on that date four years ago, the coloring contest award I received on that date in third grade).

As far as numbers go, my memory is so ridiculous. Even if I don’t focus specific effort on remembering a number, it sticks with me. Let’s say I read a facebook invitation to a party, and I don’t pay specific attention to the address at all (as in, I never consciously thought about the address but probably just glanced over it for a second). A week later, on the way to the party, the driver is on the street and asks what the house number is. I know it. I even surprise myself with this sort of thing; I have no idea how I know it!

I will order pizza once, and three months later, someone will want to order pizza again, and immediately, I’m spitting out the number for Domino’s.

Last night, I was playing Seinfeld trivia. One of the questions was, “How many sponges came in a case?” BAM. 60. Like, I didn’t even know I knew that. I never tried to memorize it, and I haven’t thought about that episode in years.

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Well, in my experience, people with real super power don’t order from Domino’s. But, I guess you could be a special case. Let’s just say you have super powers but no taste ; )~

Edit: I can’t remember shit…except how to make a Margarita.

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I know people like that, numbers just stick with them. The director of ourcagency is one of those people.
I, on the other hand, have to keep my own address and phone number written down on a piece of paper I keep in my purse in case I need it.

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I seem to have the super human ability to repel women. Other than that, nothing comes to mind.

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@Maverick: The question was not do you have a super power; it was, do I have a super power!

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A good test of your number skills is playing black jack. See if you can remember each card that is being played once you mastered this add another deck. If you find that you are able to do this enroll as fast as you can to MIT you have the gift.

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Hey, You were the one who got all MY number sense when they were handing it out! quit hogging!

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@GAMBIT: I don’t want to go to MIT, though; I like it better where I am. :)

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Your abilities may diminish as you age and your brain fills with more useful and useless information. I once had an uncanny memory (especially for dates and numbers), and now I worry about early-onset Alzheimer’s!

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@girlofscience – Nurture your gift. We all have something that makes us unique yours just happens to be numbers. I’m glad you have it.

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I don’t know about it being a super power, but it’s a plus!

hearkat is right…sometimes age bites you in the butt on this one.

I’ve had the side effect from chemo…“chemo brain” short term memory, not so great now. That’s very aggravating, I’ve never had that problem, before. grrrrrrrrr!

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I don’t know if you have a super power, but it’s impressive and I’m envious. Perhaps it’s age or useless info clogging my brain waves; but the old memory just ain’t what it used to be! As a wise flutherite pointed out the other day, use it or lose it. Put your powers to good use, girlofscience!!

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Brains work in different ways. Isn’t it interesting! To contrast, my partner can’t remember numbers for their life. I probably lean closer to you, I easily memorize my bank card numbers, phone numbers, postal codes, etc.

The real question is what should you be doing with this awesome ability. Blackjack, through the use of card counting, is a wonderful target for someone like you. Just don’t get cocky and brave, don’t win TOO much, and you’ll be set :)

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Yes you DO have a superpower!!
And you shall be known as… THE COUNT! cheesiest superhero name i could think of.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

What do you do / wish to do with your life? What’s your passion? (other than numbers of course).

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@chromaBYTE: I am currently a grad student in neuroscience. I wish to do neuroscience research with my life.

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There one sure way to find out about your super power.
This site should help.

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@gos – amazing field, best wishes to you!

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Amazing, I have a pretty good memory but not as good as yours, I’m sure there must be some kind of guiness record, contest, or you might even try to go to Vegas to make some money (that’s what I would do with a gifted brain) I have the superpower to do crazy stuff and stay alive, I still don’t know how I do it :s

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Well let’s see. Amongst all the people who can remember things, you clearly stand out. But you don’t just stand out, you stick out like the World Trade Towers. Now if we calculate the measurement of the amount of difference between you and all the rest of us, you’d probably have a GINI (pronounced genie) coefficient of about 95%.

95% genie? That’s magic! That’s about as close to a superpower as you can get without spontaneous combustion! Be careful now. And have a care for us mind-sieves, too!

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Have you ever seen the story about that woman who “cannot forget”? She remembers every thing, from every day of her life. While it might sound neat to some, she talks about how tortuous it is to not be able to forget hateful words spoken during a fight or her feelings of sadness over someone’s death.

The woman wrote a book titled The Woman Who Cannot Forget

The also profiled her on one of the ABC news magazine shows.

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Please GoS, use your powers for good!

I envy you. When I was in school I had an excellent memory, if I read something once I would remember it. Never had to study for a test. Let me tell you, that is long gone. My memory is for shit now!

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isnt this an autistic trait?

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@johnnyknoxville08: There are many traits associated with autism. I am not autistic, though.

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@GoS – you should hook up with Rain Man and have super babies

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I’m thinking you learn to count cards, go to Vegas, retire young.

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All I can say is I wish I was as cool as you, girlofscience

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Here’s a study about number memory that came out this fall.

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I spotted this post on my blog reader, and thought of you, @girlofscience.

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Ummmmm, that’s amazing. Talk about a lot of emotional baggage.
@gos, will you tell us if you’re going to be on Oprah so we can all see your smiling face?

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If nothing else, you definitely have a gift. However, what defines it as a superpower? Based on society so far, I would say it would the the act of using that gift to vanquish villains and thwart crimes, but that’s up to you.

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@girlofscience Maybe, since you are aware of this talent, you subconsciously superfocus on each new bit of information you read/hear in order to store it. Whereas, others would just let it slip away as soon as they didn’t need the information anymore.

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