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If you are going on a date with a new friend, and wanted to see a DVD, which one would you get?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) August 24th, 2007

I always have an impossible time chosing DVD rentals—maybe this will help?

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waiting for guffman, Is a great light hearted comedy that’s a little off beat. I played that once on a new date and she loved it, it was the start of something GREAT:)

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maybe play some morcheeba and have a nice bottle of red wine, coppola claret, white maybe caymus connundrum to finish your evening…

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I would say love and basketball for a nice friends becoming more romance movie, or a little horror and you can be her comfort (wink,wink) wrong turns not bad not a bad thrill and isn’t too gory..and for comedy 40 yr old virgin or talledega nights too funny not to have a good time together.

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Or if he is Jewish, USHPIZIN (a wonderful comedy about Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem during Succoth). And speaking of Guffman, BEST IN SHOW also.

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The Station Agent. Funny but poignant. A good conversation piece.

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is this a friend or a friend? (btw, i love old brat pack movies.)

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How about The Incredibles? It’s very good, and noncontroversial.

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I can tell you what not to watch from personal experience… Running short on time on my way to meet a girl for a first date – dinner and a movie – I didn’t have time to get any info on what was playing. I figured I’d just randomly pick a title off of the marquis, no sweat. Needless to say, after the first 10 minutes of bone splintering carnage that introduced us to Saving Private Ryan, it became clear that this date needed as much saving as the private himself.

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