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Are you starting your annual New Year's resolution to get healthy now?

Asked by Snoopy (5788points) November 18th, 2008

I am committing myself here and now to get healthier. Will you?

What have you found that has worked for you as far as decreasing your caloric intake and increasing your activity level?

Anyone interested in starting a mini support group on Fluther? (PM me if you’d prefer)

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I’ve never been good at keeping New Year’s resolutions. I figure it’s much easier to start at any random date during the year, that way when the new year actually rolls around, I’m already well into what I wanted to do (if I actually start it), that way it’s not a letdown if I fail… Heh.

I’d be interested in that kind of group on here, but I’m not sure how it would work. Do you have any ideas so far?

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I made that resolution last year, and am happy to at that I am 20lbs lighter, can run a mile in sub 6 minute time and I am stronger than ever. I haven’t touched fast food since last December, and I don’t regret it at all.

My resolution this year is to keep the healthy-ness going.

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I just gave up coffee – traded it in for herbal tea, I guess I could use that as a resolution, then I’ll have a jump on it! I am totally in for a support group!

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I have been eating much healthier since my husband left for his new job a couple weeks back.. It has been kind of effortless. I have been eating a lot of fresh fruit and lean protein. I didn’t really set out to do that. It has just kind of evolved that way. I am not fixing elaborate dinners or the full blown breakfasts that he is so fond of. Once I realized what I was doing I decided to kind of focus on it. I would like to start yoga. I don’t know if I am ready to put myself out there in a class, so I may attempt some basics on my own. I am trying to get motivated. I know it would help immensely with my state of mind.
@ Eambos Congratulations! You are on the right path. The no fast food thing is big. If people gave up that and soda, they would notice a difference.
Yes, definitely on the support group.

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@drastic dreamer and all
What I was thinking is once we get going we could all come here once a day or swing by for support…..ideas, thoughts, goals, goals reached, etc.

And/or we could also agree to meet at the live chat at a certain time of day each day for the same thing.

@Eambos. Congrats!!! I won’t have too much difficulty giving up the fast food as we rarely eat it anyway.

@SM LOL If I drank coffee, you would have to peel me off of the ceiling. I am super caffeine sensitive. The most I do is tea.

@SoapChef Not only is eating healthier better for you, it is cheaper… think of all of the money you are saving :)

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Support group! What a great idea! I love it.

I’ve been living a healthy life during this past year and I’m loving it to death. The start of it was when I graduated university, got a job, and started having money and time again. Mostly time though. Since I’m not rushing around anymore, I can take my time and eat healthy meals. I have incorporated a kettlebell class (if you’ve never heard of it, ask the question sometime :D) into my life, one hour twice a week at 6am sharp.

I’m glad that I’ve realized at my young age that dieting isn’t a steady long term solution for most and me included, living a healthy life is the key. I love my exercise choice, I feel motivated to get better each day, I want to add more into my routine. I can see myself doing this for many years to come. I’m happy I’ve found something that works for me.

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I’m not sure what my NYR is, but I’ll support everyone with theirs for sure. =]

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I committed myself not long ago so it won’t be my NYR. Also, I’m not working on decreasing my calorie intake, I’m trying to increase it. And get more fit. However, what I’ve done to help myself is involve other people so that I feel accountable.

I’ve done that by joining a great site called Gyminee and also by using Twitter. On Gyminee I enter my workouts and what I eat, and the site helps me to meet my goals. I follow others so they can inspire me, both cyber and non-cyber friends and I have some of them nag on me and I nag on them. On Twitter I am following some hashtags like #twit2fit and #fitness and get posts in real-time when someone posts to those channels. Social online networks seem to really help with fitness, both according to personal experience and according to articles and papers on the subject.

How would this support group work?

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Thank you for sharing that site. I will definitely check it out :)

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Hi Snoopy, how are you today? I haven’t even thought about it, I think I might have to be thinking about that now, because I am going to have 2 new grandchildren this next year, and I want to be here for them. Great question.

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I’m in!!

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I should be thinking and acting on it. Thanks for the idea of a support group. Most of us need all the help we can get.

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I like the idea of meeting once a week or something and sharing successes or what is hard…just trying to encourage each other.

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