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What bar or club in DC has the friendliest vibe?

Asked by appleyard (45points) November 18th, 2008

I’m looking for a bar or club in DC where I’m most likely to meet friendly young people (20’s and 30’s) like myself. I’m sick of places where everyone is either dancing to music so loud that you can’t have a conversation, or where people are cliquey and groups stay at their little booths, tables, or standing circles. I’m ready to mix and mingle…but where do I do it?

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Sorry appleyard: I’m in the area but I’m far removed from the 20/30’s crowd. Good luck mixing & mingling!

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my gues would be the gay ones :)

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I live in NoVa and have been to quite a few clubs in DC. They all suck. The worst of all by far was LOVE. They’re loud and usually it’s a group of four to twenty girls dancing in a circle and scamming drinks from boys in the middle and a hundred others watching. If you want to meet people try any lounge, large hookah bar or a coffeehouse/bookstore. Those are where I meet the most people. All those places in DC are awesome. Plus, there’s tons of nationalities because it’s the capitol, so go crazy.

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