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Looking for bars/ideas that bars use to get patrons to MINGLE?

Asked by thefan1 (46points) July 29th, 2009

A lot of bars either consist of cliques of friends standing around, or blast dance music.

I’m looking for a list of bars that offer particular games/activities that encourage people to mix and mingle. For instance, I heard about a bar that has telephones at each table – people call other tables because it’s fun and goofy, and end up interacting with strangers. Another one that I’ve seen simply seats everyone at a table with strangers, rather than together.

What other ideas have people seen at bars that encourage this type of interaction with strangers?

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Bar trivia is quite fun and promotes mingling.

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True, many bars have trivia and offer board games etc. I guess I should have noted that I’m looking for more non conventional ideas.

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You could hire pretty girls/handsome guys to get the conversation going. Beer Pong Tournaments are fun..

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NTN Buzztime Trivia . Pit table against tables. Or have teams that have to switch every hour.

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As long as you get people in there and then get them drunk, you’ll be fine.

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Cheap hard drinks by the bottle, small room, closer tables and you get people offering you drinks easy. Pipe in some good music and you’re set.
Sharing something with people is always a good starter. It could be the drinks or the music or taste in style for “theme” nights.
One bar has “Rockeoke” nights where you can perform on stage with a band of popular songs and lyrics are displayed somewhere. You get crowd participation and cheers. Gives you that “I’m a rockstar” feeling for a moment and you can display your talent or cheer on other people. You can sing along, or sing with the person/s on stage.

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Table shuffleboard!, pool, darts, cards (Asshole and Fuck the Dealer are 2 great games for community drinking). You can always add more people to most of these games, and asking strangers to play on your team against the other person or people you’re with is a great way to mingle.

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I was in a Japanese Night Clun in Roppongi with another guy sitting at a small round table. the waitress/hostess asked our names and got us our drink order. About 15–20 minutes later the hostess brought two women over and seated them at our small table. All of us were uncomfortable for exactly 5 minutes then it was really fun. Great conversation. That’s the way that bar worked. Old timers knew it – newbies find out quickly.
(My wife did not think it was very funny.)

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A bar that allows or even encourages the use of electronic cigarettes.

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