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Tricks for getting into exclusive night clubs?

Asked by swingliner (245points) January 26th, 2009

Has anyone ever done (or known someone who has done) something extremely clever to get in to a really hot, exclusive club in your city?

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I don’t know if it was a particularly hot club, but my brother-in-law went to a bar near a university campus at my step-daughter’s wedding. He sat near the door and was watching the people come in an out. The proprietor convinced himself that my brother-in-law was an undercover cop watching for underaged drinkers. So he wound up getting all his drinks for free.

At least that’s the story he tells.

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All you need is a group of hot girls.

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This is assuming one isn’t on the guest list, with hot girls, extremely wealthy, etc. Hence the cleverness of the scenario….

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Secretly slipping the bouncer some cash often does the trick (though, this isn’t exactly clever). Bribery seems to work regularly, obviating the need for an Ocean’s 11 level plan…

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I’m not sure why anyone would want to get into one of those places. But, I’m a bit of a party pooper…...

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Phone up the management beforehand, claim to be a personal assistant of a VIP [you, make up a nice story] from [insert random country of your choice] and ask to get a spot on the guestlist for a particular date. Might work if it’s some real exclusive upscale club. Heard that this worked at least once.

From my own experience working in that field:
People who always have guestlist spots: DJs & friends, club photographers, friends of the promoter. If you’re good at bluffing you might try to pass off as one of those people. Claiming you’re on the list and saying a random common name like “Alex” might work too if you’re lucky. I used to DJ and therefore got guest list spots for friends when playing out, several times when I arrived with said friends in tow somebody already got in under their name. Guess somebody did just that.

I’d recommend you do your homework though, either know the name of the promoter or one of the DJs and claim they put you on the list, you might get in if you’re lucky or friendly and persistent.

A clever tactic I heard of was people saying a random name, and trying to catch a name on the real list while the bouncers scan the list openly for the random name. If they say “No, sorry”, go “Oh, maybe he put me on as [name you got from the real list, say it’s your nickname or something]...” – result.

Also one thing that worked for me once when I was on holiday in Ibiza was claiming to have already been in the club and not having gotten a stamp on my arm. (stupidest excuse ever). Oh no I’m a stupid wasted clubber etc. Got asked how much entry I paid (knew the price from flyer), got let in “again”.

If it’s just a question of wanting to get in (paying customer), dress up stylishly, exude some good party vibes and go with some good looking girls and go early. This way you’ll have way more chances than coming late, without girls, dressed mediocre.

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Just look hot

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Go on off nights where it is easier to get in and get to know the employees. Tip the door guy really good on one of those nights and tip the bar staff good and once they get to know you they will let you in on the more popular nights. Bar staff and club staff remember good tippers.

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Regarding elmagico’s response- Just know that as soon as they catch you in the lie they will toss you out on your ass in front of everyone. I love seeing people get tossed because they try to be sneaky.

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Imo not necessarily true. At least guestlists are always a bit chaotic (at least from my experience), so casually claiming to be on the list and not being on there isn’t a major deal imo. If you don’t desperately try get in for free, you won’t get into much trouble imo. Unless the person who you said put you on the list stands right next to you and you really get caught in a lie. You can always shrug your shoulders and say “Must’ve been some miscommunication. Alright, I’ll just pay the entry fee then”. Dunno might even give you a better chance of getting in, since it appears you should’ve been on the list and got omitted by mistake.

Of course any of those tactics can backfire, the only thing I personally ever did was saying I already paid, which miraculously worked at that time. Any of the other tactics were suggestions of what I know can work if you pull it off right.

One more thing that can work is if the club entry system works with marking people’s hands with a stamp, you get a friend with a fresh stamp and press it on your own hand so the ink transfers to your hand.

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Nope, you won’t always get caught, but I would rather not take the chance of looking like a cheap loser by getting tossed if I did get caught. I was a bartender for 10 years at various clubs, from hole in the wall biker bars to big ass dance clubs. Trust me, we know all the tricks pulled by people who don’t want to spend money.

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Remember, those door guys are just doing their jobs.

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A girlfriend and I made friends with a bouncer in D.C. He gave us his card and basically stated that whenever “us ladies” decided to come out and visit, to give him a ring and all would be taken care of. So hanging out after the party to guarantee a free ride can’t be too much to ask, and he might even walk you to your car.

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Get aquatinted w/ the bouncer

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Maybe watercoloured would be more subtle?

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@maybe_KB Similar to that, get acquainted with the club or event promoters.
Be extra friendly with the people you meet around the area or get re-acquainted with familiar faces you’ve seen before, you never know who has good connections.

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Hold hands with someone of the same sex.

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This might sound too obvious but go as early as possible.

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