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If a guy sets a date with you a week in advance, does that mean he is into you?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 4th, 2012

Or making me wait too long cause he does not want to see me sooner? He goes to school and work, he is graduating with his Bachelors in 2 months! Tonight he asked if he could see me next Thursday… Which will be almost 8 days!! So I ask, is it a good thing that is guy is making plans or a date with me in advance? Or is it weird that it is such a long time from now…. 8 days away….

This was my high school sweetheart by the way, me and him haven’t seen each other in about 5 years :) Is this a good thing, bad thing, does it mean he respects our time together? P.S- Yes I know I am reading too much into this! Just would like to know your opinions, thanks!

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Sounds like he is a busy man and he is locking you up for the only free time he has available in the near future. That or he wanted to make the date before someone else beat him to it.

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Speaking as a very busy man, yes.

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Yes, he is into you, since he is working out when he can see you! But also reach out to him and see about communicating with him in the meantime. Nothing elaborate, no long conversations on the phone, but maybe a nice, just thinking of you, how are you email.

Ask him now, just say, “okay if we exchange some emails until we see each other?”

Good luck and look forward to a big smile when he sees you next week!

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Uh, he’s working and finishing up his B.A.? Sounds like he’s lucky to have time to meet you at all. Good luck.

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He hasn’t seen you in 5 years… he could also be planning to tell you he just got engaged. :P

I’d be a little hopeful, sure – but not so much that you set yourself up for a big disappointment.

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@glacial We are both single :) !

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@glacial A few days ago I told him my feelings and how much I loved him in high school. I told him that I was really infatuated with him and bummed we lost contact, kind of like lost love or unrequited love. Because I moved to a different school and we were both going through issues. I spilled my whole emotions and told him I was deeply in love with him in high school. Yikes!

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@bookish1 Yes he is graduating in 2 months with his B.A. and He works too.

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@partyrock: That was a rhetorical question I posed! Relax, he’s probably busy out of his mind and wishes he could see you sooner. I all but disappeared from the face of the earth my final 2 months of college.
And at least you got the big stuff out of the way before you see him. I hope everything goes well.

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@bookish1 Thank you, me too.

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@bookish1 Me too, it was very freeing… Happy I got all that out. Thanks

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These are good signs. Good luck! :)

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@glacial Thank you so much! Much appreciated!

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Yes. He’s into you.

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Maybe he just wants to take a running jump, look forward, count the days to the encounter.
Or, he’s a doctor & just booked you an appointment.

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It just sounds like he is real busy to me. I would say obviously he is in to you, otherwise there would not even be a date on the cards.

As for the week thing, all I can do is guess. If it was me saying one week, it means my life is such a sham at the moment that I would need at least 1 week to get my crap together.

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I guess you are going to find out in eight days – stop trying to second-guess him. He wouldn’t be asking you out if he didn’t like you. It’s eight days – you waited this long – focus on thinking about what you will wear or checking out a film you can go and see. Be cool! You don’t want to come off as a freaked out maniac when he finally meets you again.

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It means he aint in a rush.

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It could be that he is so booked up with dates with other women that he can’t get around to you until then.

It could be anything. Don’t read too much into it.

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Did he set the date before or after you gushed your feelings?

It sounds like you still have these feelings. They are not just what you felt back when. So you can’t stand waiting. You’re hoping that everything will be rekindled.

He is willing to wait. So it sounds like he has more of a hold on his horses, so to speak. He may be a less passionate person. But I don’t know if you ever really knew him. But I think your feeling is probably right. He’s not as into you as you are into him.

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@burntbonez No he set the date to meet AFTER I told him my feelings. I told him how much I was in love with him in high school basically. He said that he’d like to see me and catch up in person. So I guess those are all good things. And we’re both single. We’ve been talking and chatting since then too. He’s not into me as I am into him that’s why he wants to see me?

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Not why he wants to see you. It’s an explanation of the long wait. He wants to see you to catch up. But he doesn’t need to do that so urgently that it must happen sooner. You don’t know what it will be like when you do get together, do you?

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From what I know he’s extremely busy with school and work. Finishing up his Bachelor’s, and working. I don’t know what it would be like when we get together, I’m not a psychic, what do you think? I’m guessing it will all be good and fine. Talking about what is going in our lives, how life has changed, etc. I thought it was a good thing after I told him my feelings, I guess that reciprocated something.

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You’re not a psychic. Exactly my point. None of us knows what will happen. So at this point, anything could happen. Any one of our predictions could be true. However, I have found that it is best not to ask things like this, because you will get answers you don’t want to hear. You want reassurance and I didn’t reassure you and to me, it sounded like you were angry with me for not reassuring you. I’m sorry.

I hope you get what you want. But you won’t know until you meet him. My opinion is meaningless. But I will say this. If you want him, then have confidence that you can get him. Go for it. Commit to it. Have no doubt at all. That will help you more than any opinion I can offer you.

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@burntbonez No I’m not angry with you! It’s a wasteful emotion! I just wanted people’s opinions, and I KNOW I am reading into this too much! I am just happy to see and old friend and an old sweetheart :) but I’m not angry don’t worry. You’re right confidence is the most important thing.

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