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What's your favorite board or tabletop game?

Asked by dynamicduo (14337points) November 19th, 2008

I love playing fun and interesting board/tabletop games. The one that will last me my life is Carcassonne, an amazing tile laying game that’s great for all ages. In fact the dynamics of play change depending on the players’ skill levels, it’s fun for everyone, every single person who’s played it has bought their own set.

Recently I’ve been playing an interesting game called War on Terror the boardgame. It may seem like a Risk-style game on first glance, but it actually shares very little with Risk. It comes with a balaclava of evil which a certain player (a member of the Axis of Evil, decided by a random spinning arrow) must wear. :)

I would love to hear what your favorite board or tabletop game is!

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Risk! is my all-time favorite board game followed closely by Monopoly and then backgammon.

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we like settlers of catan and also ticket to ride, it’s a neat train game.

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mine was risk. loved that game.

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Cranium. It’s got a little something for everyone.

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I love Risk and Monopoly as well. The problems with these games and my social group is that they either take too long to complete (many games end in a “truce” just to get it over with), or players who aren’t as strategic end up at a disadvantage. Many times the game has ended with displeasure. I think that’s what got me to start looking into alternative board games in the first place.

I’ve heard neat things about Apples to Apples, has anyone played that?

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oh can’t forget about uno.

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Scrabbel Scrabell Skrabbell Skrabull Scrabble!

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Othello, Risk, Stratego are all my favorites. For the best card game (which you do need a table for), Mille Bornes.

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Oh, I like Settler of Catan or Cranium or Ticket to Ride or… dare I say it? Diplomacy!

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I’ve played Apples to Apples. My father-in-law really likes it; the rest of the family is willing to play it with him.

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risk, monopoly, rummicub, snakes and ladders

does twister count?

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I always loved Big Boggle.

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Backgammon, followed by Monopoly. Although lately, I’m looking forward to when my 3-yo daughter can understand the rules to Candyland.

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Trouble, Trouble…with the pop-o-matic bubble!

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NOT Giant Jenga. I don’t know where the upstairs neighbors found it, but Giant Jenga is just rude when you’re in an apartment building. On the other hand, we did develop a drinking game around it…

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@EmpressPixie – now THAT’S making the best of a bad situation!!

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Backgammon is my game of choice.

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As a kid, Mouse Trap.
As a not-so-much-kid, Scrabble.

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Backgammon rocks!!!

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Scrabble and Backgammon. For cards Poker or Spades. Just played a dice game called Farkle (sp?) that was a lot of fun.

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Backgammon, Acey Deucey, and Set.

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dark tower was neat when I was 12

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Reversi, chess, mah jong, dominoes, trivia games…

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Scrabble, chess, Snake ‘n’ ladder, Ludo. Love all of them.

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Uno is probably my favorite, when you play for points and use some alternative rules. The Munchkin games are awesome as well. The one I have is Munchkin bites and the expansion. And a few weeks ago I found a game called “the great Dalmuti”. It’s very simple and lots of fun.

If you like chess there is apparently a version where you play 3 people against each other. I so want to get my hands on a chess game like that.

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Phase Ten dice is a lot of fun.

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Carcasonne is my favorite as well. It’s fun even when you’re losing!

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backgammon, I also like wordgames like boggle and scrabble

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Genoa (formerly Traders of Genoa). Players take turns moving around the board collecting and delivering goods to make money. Lots of trading. I would say it’s like monopoly on steroids.

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