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Does Your Hair Grow Faster By Regularly Cutting Your Split-Ends?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) November 19th, 2008

Im trying to grow my hair longer, and people have told me that if you cut your split ends it will make your hair grow faster. I already know that cutting your split ends wil make your hair more healthy but will it actually make your hair grow faster?

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Your hair is really dead proteins. Cutting the tips of it won’t stimulate new growth, because the tissue is dead and can’t communicate, even if it may be theoretically possible. No technique or cream has ever been proven to make one’s hair grow faster. Many sites claim vitamins help, but there’s no data to back that up. Human hair grows at about half an inch per month, or 6 inches a year.

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Well I strayed away from chemicals for over 8 years and due to health issues (hyperactive thyroid) and lack of good hair maintenance (lots of gel!) I went back and forth with short and long styles. Now that my health issue is under control I’ve let it grow back out, but it was very dry and damaged. I recently went to a salon and tried another perm and the stylist told me by cutting my split ends it should grow. So far, so good…

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my hair grows crazy fast either way.

welcome to fluther joni and desiree

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well im not really sure but i guess by cutting the damaged ends your hair looks more healthier because if it has split ends then it looks shorter because of the hair splitting and falling off

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Hair grows from the roots, not the ends. Like dynamicduo said, it’s just dead cells. Cutting the split and frazzled ends makes it look healthier but no, won’t actually make it grow any faster.

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That’s weird. Cause I have to get my fringe cut a bit shorter than I actually want it cause it grows crazy fast for the first little bit after having it cut then slows right down…

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From what I’ve read, cutting the tips reduces the damage, because it stops the split from continuing. Personally I never get trims, I have the occasional split end but I’ve never seen a split larger than 2 centimeters long.

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It doesn’t make your hair grow faster, but it does make your hair get longer. Split ends are basically cracking and breaking off all the time, and taking away length. If you keep them trimmed neatly so they aren’t breaking all the time, the rate of your hair’s natural growth may outpace the amount of hair lost to breaking off at the end. If so, your hair will grow longer, but it’s not growing any faster – it just appears to be.

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Other techniques for ensuring long hair pretty much say things like: don’t pull on your hair a lot, be careful of ponytails, don’t comb too much and especially not when wet, etc. The key with all these is to reduce the number of hairs that fall out, since a hair that falls out has to start from the follicle again, leading to an overall shorter maximum hair length.

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@laureth that is exactly what my hairdresser said.

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it doesnt matter if you cut your split ends, it wont make it grow faster because your hair doesnt grow from the tips it grows from the roots, but you should regularly cut you split ends because as it grows the bigger the split ends get making you hair look damaged

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If you are trying to grow your hair out, taking pre-natal vitamins is a great thing to try. I started taking them and my nails and hair grow so fast and are so healthy.

Click here for a thread on that topic.

Also, try this for a thread on trimming hair.

Hope this helps.

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