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Hygiene for straight, thick hair?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (687points) January 16th, 2012

I am a male who has kept his hair relatively short most of his life just for convenience sake. Recently, I’ve let it grow a little longer but I really need some assistance in general hair hygiene. My problem is that I have thick straight hair which when shampooed it puffs out sort of afro like. Any suggestions on how to maintain the health and style of longer hair for a confused male?

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Go to a good hairdresser and ask what products you need for your product.

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It’s best to get advice from a hairdresser, as Judi suggested. All that comes to my mind is that your hair is probably dry and not well moisturized. You need to oil them in order to get rid of the dryness. I’d say use hot oil after you’ve shampooed. Keep that for about 20 minutes then wash again. Protein hair masks are also available. Use those.

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ugg to late to modify my answer. am I an airhead today or what? I meant to say, what kind of product you need for your HAIR. it might be a gel, or it may need to be thinned or layered.

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You should also try to eat healty. If you want i could give you a list of things that are good for hair. I research it myself. trying to grow mine as well. Had to cut mine because of sever breakage and starting fresh

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I’ve got incredibly thick, coarse hair, so I can give you some awesome tips. Have your hair professionally thinned just a bit and wash it with super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (I prefer Nexxus products).

Then while it’s still damp, run a little mousse through it. Not enough to make it stiff, but just enough to keep it from poofing or frizzing. I find that the TRESemme mousse works the best on my hair.

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Go to the store and buy the cheapest basic shampoo available. Wash your hair once a day.

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If it goes all puffy you probably need to use conditioner after you shampoo. That usually tames it down. I thought that gel makes hair dry and more puffy because it contains alcohol??? (and I hate it because it makes my hair feel stiff and sticky) Perhaps a wax type product would be more helpful.

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@Judi I literally lol’d at that.

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I find that if I wash my hair in the evening, it’s less frizzy, or fluffy. I just wash my hair, go to sleep and brush through in the morning, works well, maybe because I don’t blow-dry it, or my hair goes back to it’s ’‘normal’’ structure during the night. ;)

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I have a few suggestions you could try. You should go to the salon and get your hair thinned out and then get a conditioning treatment. They are fast and cheap and if you get one about once a month your hair will be nice and moisturized. Also, just was your hair every other day. Washing your hair everyday is not healthy for the hair unless it’s naturally very oily, but washing everyday rids you of natural oils your hair needs to look and feel healthy.

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No, I won’t recommend this, this will damage your hair. I use dry shampoo it absorbs oil grease and gross smell from hairs. The hair product residue can buildup make your greasy. So rinse you hair properly after applying shampoo.

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