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What will you do in the downtime?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14755points) November 21st, 2008

It’s the great Fluther Blackout of 2008! Panic! Panic! What will you do without this marvelous time waster to help you waste time?

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LOL asmonet…

I guess I’ll um, erm… I am at work, after all.

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Do the homework I was supposed to be doing, but was fluthering instead.


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one minute… eek!

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Clock out early and get a massage! :D

Enjoy the downtime!

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Now it says it’s going down at 12:45 instead of 12:30. hum.

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Perhaps it was all a dream… a myth… a mirage! There is no so called down time…

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I will “Stop, drop and roll!” as per the instructions. And if it is still down after I do that I will make a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Thank god! I made it! Everyone okay?

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@EmpressPixie :: My testicles retracted. If they don’t drop back down soon I will head to the emergency room. pray for my testicular health

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I was reading the new york times while constantly checking if “the cat was gone” :)

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Look at the sky, count the stars while constantly clicking refresh, i want to be the first to enter when it is back on service.. nye he he

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Try to download iPhone 2.2 update.

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More cybersex, I guess.

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