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Does life itself, the experience of life, have a taste, a flavor, a quality you could describe as tasty? if so, how would the alternative "flavor" be different?

Asked by susanc (16134points) November 22nd, 2008

following up on girlofscience’s question about bug eating.

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Lol, I love that you distilled it down to “bug eating”.

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Once again I have to go with no. Then again there are certain smells and tastes that I strongly associate with “living” if you will. The smell of autumn is one of them. Every year when I smell it it gives me a moment to think about and appreciate my life.

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@dynamic: I love that smell too – for me, a combination of burning (leaves and people’s woodstoves) and rotting (leaves). Flavor of life, or the flavor of death? I completely agree that it’s something that makes “living” poignant.

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I’d have to say no to the idea that life has some type of flavor to it. Now, if I could attribute a flavor to life, it would certainly resemble the taste of Vanilla spiced up with Nutmeg and maybe a touch of Cinnamon thrown in for good measure. As far as the alternative goes, meaning the flavor of death? I don’t want to be sampling any of that fare for at least another 50 years. I have far too much to do yet. :o)

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All the senses of human beings are connected. “Flavor” and “tasted” are sensed by tongue and nose and then they become experience.
So when people have experience with something in common, they taste the “flavor”.

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As for “alternative,” would that be in reference to lifestyle? I would imagine it a bit more colorful, with woodsy yet floral notes.

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I’m thinking the alternative tastes like a mouthful of dirt.

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Doesn’t the flavor change from moment to moment?

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Some people would say…. that left bitter taste in my mouth… meaning an experience they had , others would say…thats so sweet by an experience…. different strokes for different folks, the taste never stays for long, keep the experience in your mind if its good ,if its bad choose to move on let it go.

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