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My hands and toes are ALWAYS cold... anything I can do about it?

Asked by danimoos (22points) November 22nd, 2008

No matter what weather, or what heating condition it is, my feet and hands are always cold. This is a problem because I play piano, and often my hands freeze up. I almost failed a piano exam because if it. Anything I can do? I can’t wear gloves while playing piano… or else I’ll slip up. Also, whenever shaking someone’s hand it’s an embarassment. ;-; WHAT DO I DO?!

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Asscrack – natures pocket

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Talk to your family Doctor about it… there could be a medical reason for it, and it may well be treatable.

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Wiggle them. :)

You might want to ask your doctor if you could be anemic.

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Two comments.

1. “Cold hands, warm heart.” While you’re looking for a solution, be proud.

2. This will seem goofy, okay? I always had cold hands too, until I took a first-degree training in Reiki, which I didn’t take too seriously – it was kind of a friends-doing-something-together day. But after the training, my hands were warm, and they have been ever since. No one promised me this. No one asked me to pay for it. It happened though.

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Can you get some cheap gloves and cut the finger tips off? I have really cold hands but need to use my fingers a lot, and this helps for me…

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Do they become discolored…white, red or blue? You might check out Raynaud’s Syndrome. There are also ways of flinging your arms and legs around like windmills in order to increase circulation. See “Prevention” and “Lifestyle and Home Remedies” section of article.

In spite of skabeep’s flippant tone, he has a point. High altitude or winter mountaineers know that they can stave off frostbite by putting their hands or feet in a partner’s armpits. There is extra heat there.

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Gail, what fancy new tricks have you employed to change your text’s color?!

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I’m the old dog here, remember? Click on the red text and you get the hyperlink.

Now return here. Under the comment box, you will see some instruction for styling text. The last link reads “entire list.” Click and read. It’s called Textile.
Strong, error,italics,whisper.

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Oj, well. Thanks, but I knew that. But your red text is just red to me, it must be something on my end, because it’s definitely not a link over here. :)

I got all confuzzled. Great explanation though. I appreciate the time you took. :)

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This is odd. The link doesn’t link. I’ll try again. Raynaud’s Syndrome

I thought that is what I did the first time. So, the answer is, “I haven’t a clue.”

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My daughter has Raynaud’s Syndrome. It’s nothing that needs treating – it’s more of an annoyance, than anything else. Other than being 14 and having this syndrome, she’s normal!

There are times, though, when as her mother, I’m convinced that there is something that needs to be done – her hands are like ice cubes! (I don’t touch feet…so I couldn’t tell about her feet!)

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If one is training to be a serious pianist, cold fingers can be more than an annoyance. There are some tricks…see my last link (that one works.)

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@gail – interesting. I wonder if my daughter’s is just a “mild” case, because 2 different doctors never mention any type of treatments and when I looked it up – not on Mayo – (should have known!) it’s considered a “syndrome” (which, of course, I’ll be looking up the difference when I finish this!), not a disease.

Thanks for posting the link, I bookmarked it for later reference.

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To asmonet, I am anemic.
I’ve guessed that this is why my hands are cold. :P
I’ll try the glove thing ;D

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Ah, my bad. :-p

Maybe before a performance you could get those hand warmer bean bag things gas stations sell in the winter, hold on to one of those before starting then once you’re in it, the blood flow in your hands will maintain the dexterity?

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Fleece socks from Sierra Trading co.

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