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Is it important to buy expensive brandy for cooking?

Asked by lilakess (789points) November 22nd, 2008

Or is the cheap stuff just as good. I think I know the answer to this, but it never hurts to ask.

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I think the cheap stuff is just fine – you’re mixing it with other flavors, heating it, etc., anyway.

Save the good stuff for drinkin’. ;)

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Nah, not unless you’re a famous chef and pretentious blowhards will be critiquing your food.

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I am a chef and I don’t use expensive brandy or wine in my cooking. I don’t use the cheapest either. Christian Brothers or E & J will do fine. That said, there is the logical viewpoint that the end product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. I feel like as long as the quality is of a certain standard, the attributes that elevate a finer brandy for drinking are lost when combined with other ingredients and subjected to heat etc..

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But…you cook soap.


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asmonet, Soapcooking is my hobby. I use it to wash out the mouths of dirty talking little girls. Sausage or taco, indeed! :0)

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Main thing is that the brandy or wine is drinkable. None of that “cooking” junk.

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Sometimes cheaper is actually better…
Case in point- Ronrico rum and heaven Hill vodka. (though neither = brandy)
Anyway, as soap said, heat changes the attributes of the liquor. My family has used Napoleon for holiday dishes since time immemorial.

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Take note of what cooksalot said. Don’t buy the stuff labeled “cooking” wine. It is crappy and full of salt.
@Knot I am familiar with Ronrico rum, but not Heaven Hill vodka. Good stuff you say? I am wondering if it is a regional brand, I don’t remember seeing it here in Oregon.

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True, true @Knotmyday the best homemade liqueurs are made with the cheapest vodka and brandy.

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Oregon is “Potters” right in Hood River.

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soap- it’s distilled in Kentucky…and, it’s one of the plastic bottle varieties. but I like it

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Oh dear, I am shamed.

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because of my tacky penchant for cheap liquor? hee hee

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