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If you could be any other entity, say a Flower or a Grasshopper,what would you be.

Asked by applegate (61points) November 24th, 2008
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Probably Milo, gailcalled’s furry, spoiled (only an assumption) friend.

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A tree, the kind that sways and whose leaves make a nice sound in the wind.

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i totally agree with megan64. i would be a weeping willow. that is what i use to meditate sometimes.

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A Basset Hound.

It’s not much of a stretch, really

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A bunny. Just like my Autumn was. She was loved to pieces, funny, smart, and spoiled.

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@autumn that is sweet., is that what she looked like?

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I would be a duck in paris

“i would be a butterfly…because nobody ever suspects the butterfly ” – Bart Simpson

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I’d rather be a forest than a street, but I’d definitely settle for the 7.3-liter AMG V12 in the Pagani Zonda F.

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@rossi_bear – My avatar is just a picture I love. Autumn was a Netherland dwarf and looked something like that when she was tiny.

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@autumn she is sweet! gotta love the bunnies. so precious!! :)

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I’d hate to be a tree, living so long but not able to move one bit.

I’d love to be Cthulhu, if not just to understand what exactly it is.

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@ you do have a good point there dynamicduo. but the sounds of trees are so peaceful.

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This is very true. But it might not be peaceful after centuries of listening to it :)

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true, you might end up with a headache with the rest of your life! LOL!!

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A housecat. Without hesitation. Sleep all day? Check. Up all night? Check. Food and water provided? Check. Cuddling and petting on demand? Check. Napping in a sunbeam, happy and content? Heaven!

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@Megan64 did you mean a tay inna win, like in Nell?

I’d like to be a cat. I would be spoiled silly, and no one would think anything of my moodiness. In fact it would be expected! The nine lives thing is pretty tempting too.

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