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Wiki software with an iPhone (or easily customisable) interface?

Asked by benseven (3179points) November 24th, 2008

If I were to put together a small hosted Wiki for use on the iPhone, what would I be best to use? Any of the easy-to-use wiki engines have an iPhone-friendly template yet?

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I use
It pulls all the pages from so it’s the same thing. If you want to edit articles from your phone you have to turn that on via options on the site when your on your phone.

Best of luck.

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Steven Frank’s w2wiki is very very simple (I offer that as both an endorsement and a warning) but also doesn’t seem to be maintained. So whatever the software is now is most likely what it will be in the future.

In fact, his sample installation seems to no longer be up, but you can see a sample installation on my server.

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@TheBox193 -

Thanks, unfortunately not quite what I was asking for – a hosted Wiki is using the engine behind Wikipedia on a smaller scale for a project or group of people to edit, not about browsing wikipedia.

@Lapilofu – thanks for that, very helpful.

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@benseven Sorry my bad, I read the the question and answered too fast. Reading the question now… now I understand what you were looking for. Anyway, good luck with that.

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@ TheBox193 – Thanks. It’s well worth a look if you have some server space to play with.

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