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What is the fastest way to learn dutch?

Asked by tilc (126points) November 24th, 2008

I have started to learn dutch 1,5 months ago, and I want to learn all the rules and words as soon as possible.

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Someone alerted me to Livemocha just yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to check it out myself so I don’t know how good it is, but it’s something you might want to look into.

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I’ve tried Livemocha, but that is a brand new site and still has no dutch course, but seems nice, maybe in the future…

I took a look at rosetta stone, but that is a lot of money to spend on courses.

Make it clear: I would like to find a free solution for learning the language. :)

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Move somewhere where it is the native language. Belgium, Netherlands, etc.

You asked the fastest, probably not the easiest :).

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faz-sha knows best.

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jsc3791: seem to be nice site, but very beginner one, the other 2 is useless… :(

Yes, I will go to the Netherlands in February 2009 :)

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I second Rosetta Stone. It is a very good instructional system.

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Unfortunately, some things, like learning a foreign language, take a big committment of time and money. There may not be an “easy way out” on this one. Best of luck.

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This is not good news… :(
Please people post me more opportunities, nice sites, nice grammarsites or so, you know.

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My brother used to use Italki, not sure if it’s any good :)

Anyway, practicing in a Dutch-speaking country works best. Also, most people speak English here, so you can always save yourself if you don’t know a particular word ;-)

Also, there’s a Swedish girl at my school who’s been in the Netherlands for a year and a half now, which she spent studying Dutch and she speaks it flawlessly – very impressive, so apparently it is possible.

So I suppose you’re best of with a language course (‘taalcursus’ :) – how long will you be staying in the Netherlands? And where? :)

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Yeah! Probably this is the best deal to move there for a long period :)
I go for like 4–5 months, maybe more (hope so) and to Enschede to the Saxion Universiteit.
That will be gezellig!!!! :)
Do you have time to speak with me on any IM software, like msn, skype?

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Sure, sending a PM :)

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