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Do you stick q-tips in your ears?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) November 24th, 2008

I mean I know that technically, they’re just for cleaning the external parts of your ears, but I don’t have ear wax out there, and furthermore it doesn’t feel AWESOME to clean there. There’s all sort of warnings on them, but is the company just covering their legal ass? It’s not like I’m jabbing my at my eardrums here…anyone else? Is it actually dangerous?

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I think they are just covering their asses. If they really wanted people to stop sticking them in their ears, they could easily change the shape of them so they wouldn’t fit!

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There is a possibility of rupturing your ear drum, though. I think you’d have to be pretty damn aggresive to acheive that.

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hearcat, were are you? She’s a ear doctor or something.

I always heard that it is dangerous to use q-tips. If you don’t directly damage your eardrums, you are at least packing down the ear wax much further into the ear.

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I use them to clean the inside of my ears, and have for several years without any problem. I am carefull not to push anything further into my ear. I swipe and swirl at the sides of my ear canal, so I don’t push the wax further in.

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I LOVE sticking q-tips into my ear! It is the second best feeling a person’s body will have! Blah blah blah it’s dangerous…I do not care because I cannot stop! My ears crave q-tips!

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@queenzboulevard ha ha!! I never knew ears could have cravings until just now!

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I think I may have a minor qtip addiction, but I refuse to reveal the extent until hearkat weighs in on this subject.

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My mom had to visit the doctor twice because she got cotton stuck in her ear….

She thinks it feels great too, which is why I’m just waiting to hear about the third time. She hasn’t learned her lesson.

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My doctor always said “Never stick anything in your ear smaller than a breadbox.” When I was little I thought he was a total weirdo!

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My buddy in college went to the hospital because of an earache. What the doctors told him was, when you stick a qtip in your ear it usually pushes the earwax that you have in your ear deeper. This can cause a build up of earwax closer to your ear drum therefore causing awful earaches.

To answer your question though, I do put qtips in my ear. I think of it as the awesome feeling you get from sticking that tiny stick in your ear outweighs the potential consequences of getting an earache and having to go to the hospital. :)

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Also just to add to the question if you don’t mind? Those people that do stick qtips in your ear, do you lick the qtip first to make sure not cotton gets stuck in your ear. I’ve always done it because my mom did it, but have come to realize that it is kind of weird.

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@critter1982 eww… no! Wet Willie!! I just give the cotton a twist to secure it.

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@critter, isn’t that sort of a self inflicted wet-willy???

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lol. In a way yes, but it’s not like I soak the q-tip in spit :)

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I do , even though I got wax stuck way in deep one time, and I had to go to an ENT to get it fixed. I had the most terrible ear ache. He said I should not ever do that. I am hard headed and can’t stop.

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No spit, but very occasionally I dab one end in hydrogen peroxide, and let that drip inside the ear canal…then gently swab out the (excess) stuff. Cerumin (ear wax) is the body’s natural defense against airborn germs and foreign objects; it’s natural to have a coating of it inside the ear canal.

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I think it’s kind of funny we haven’t seen the word elbow in this thread yet!!

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@Critter: My ex always licked the Q-tip. I never do.

@SndfrQ: Lurve for Eargasm!

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I do lick the qtip, that way no cotton comes off in the ear.

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I put it in my ear, but not far down at all. I never have had a problem but yet I am only 14 so…
I wet it every once in a while.

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Sure. Why not? But, the best way to clean inside one’s ear is with the little finger. It is like safe cleaning.

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I do put it in my ear and I love it too. My doctor told me off recently for doing so claiming that the ears were self cleaning. I stopped doing it for a while but I felt a bit gross not getting rid of any earwax that other people might see (I don’t know if there was an excess amount in there or a normal amount but it just didn’t feel right) so I have fallen off the wagon and gone back to my old ways!

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i dot and it’s great, i love having clean ears, there has been times tho that i gone too deep and that HURTS, so it’s always good to exercise caution.

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OMG Q-tips are the best. I use two or three a day. My family thinks I’m a weirdo. Anyway I lick the Q-tips first too. And sometimes I soak the Q-tip in baby oil before I put it in my ear. It’s nice and moist but it also dissolves ear wax so that’ll help prevent you packing ear wax against your ear drum. Try it out!

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I just did. It was very productive.

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