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What do hidden rooms represent in dreams?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) November 26th, 2008

I have these recurring dreams that there are rooms hidden in my house. Usually they are filled with stuff from the previous owner that I can sell. Last night’s room was a toy store, I gave some of the toys to my boys and donated the rest to Toys for Tots. Dream Moods wasn’t a whole lot of help. Any theories?

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Well, dreams are a very personal thing. Most people will say it is up to you to decide, or figure out. However, I have been told that anything hidden in a dream is something your ether refuse to see in reality, or is so obvious, you over look it to often. Hidden rooms in one’s own house could mean that you are over looking something very important in your own home. In the above statement, I would venture that it had to deal with your children and full filling their needs. Perhaps you have a subconscious fear you will not be able to appease them this season.
Another possible meaning: Perhaps having hidden rooms in your dream home means there are things in the house that are never to be found out, (Ether by you, or from you, or from the people who came before you. It could even be secrets left by the construction crew.)

One last thought: It is possible you dreams are trying to tell you to be in a certain room at a certain time, to see something secret. The clues would be in the dream. The real world room could be the one near the dream one, or perhaps it is the possition of the door even. In the above example, perhaps your children might be reaching out to you in the dreaming, trying to tell you something, or perhaps trying to hide something from you.

It all comes down to what you think it could mean? How do I know this? Because it is your mind talking to your own mind, meaning what ever pops into your head is the right answer. Why? Because your know what you know, but reason is getting in the way. Go with your gut.
Also, one last thing. I am not trying to upset you with the examples of your children. It’s just that, that was the only example you gave. In no way am I trying to say your kids are doing evil thing behind your back. (Unless you think they are ;] but that between you and your kids! Hehehe.)

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A nice way to learn what the rooms are “doing” in your dream is to ask them. Ask them
in a civil way and let the answers enter your mind. Sometimes it’s good to have someone sit and listen to you. They can ask the rooms to please talk about themselves,
with you providing the vocal cords. See?

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What Susan said is absolutely brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I’m going to try that. And I work with my dreams almost every day.

If it were my dream, a hidden room with stuff from a previous owner would mean that my own stuff is getting old and stale, and it’s time to purge. If it were my dream, maybe I would take the cue directly and give the stuff away to places like Toys for Tots. (If that’s the kind of stuff you have.) I’d take it as a signal to let go of some things.

What resonates with you from what’s been said so far?

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I used to have a recurring dream of my grandmother’s house, and it always had tons of hidden rooms full of treasures of all kinds. I had this dream when I was raising four kids and was pretty broke most of the time. I think it’s a dream akin to “finding buried treasure” and only seems to come when you are worried about money. I have not had the dream for over 15 years now.

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Greetings. I don’t always dream, or at least not ones I remember unless there is something I am being shown rather it applies to my life for answers, or of premonition. The dream started out with me observing a place of my dwelling and it involved me having ideas for adding a porch/patio area/ or some sort of bench seating. Anyhow, while I was looking around this place which was outside, I remember facing it at a 2 point prospective, in art, that is where there are 2 focal points, 2 corners. There were 3 walls. One that I saw in front of me was going left to right, and then a wall going down the left side of me and a wall going down the right side of me. It was a little spacious in the area there and I saw benches going down all 3 walls for seating. The tone of color in my dream was a bluish or like a slate blue color cast all around. The mysterious part of the dream was I found 3 doors that were hidden that I had not seen before and had I not been looking at the right angle, i would had never seen them as the doors blended in with the rest of the walls. 2 of these doors I found were only small spaces the size of small closets, but they both were empty on the inside. The 3rd door I found as I got closer became more of a gated door with a lock on it and the door was a deeper blue/green color. Though I never saw what was on the inside of this door, I was under the impression that it was a yard shed type of room for like yard tools such as rakes and such forth. Then I woke up

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