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How can you get music on facebook?

Asked by benzy (13points) November 28th, 2008

i want music on facebook help me

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For the love of god, no. Facebook is already too similar to MySpace.

If you want to offend the ears of everyone looking at your information, set up a MySpace page. Leave Facebook in blissful silence.

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theres a playlist application…. u can use it to add your fav sogns and listen to them on any computer u access the net with… but it doesnt play automatically

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iLike plays music and has it on your page, but they won’t play automatically or anything…thank God…

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Very demanding.

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Honestly, ask yourself why you want music on your facebook.

Do you want to be able to hear your music while browsing? Use iTunes instead.

Do you want your friends to be able to hear your music? If so, the question is “why?”
Generally your friends may not want to hear your music, (they could have iTunes going.) If you really want to show off your varied music collection, then fine, get one of the playlist apps that don’t play automatically.

If you want music to make your profile standout.. go back to myspace.

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@Perchik Agreed 100%

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