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I got a doorbuster! Did you?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) November 28th, 2008

I’m really excited—I got my first ever Black Friday doorbuster! Of course, it was on and a “customer’s vote” thing, but I’m still excited I got it! If you got one, what did you get and how long did you have to stand in line for it? Was it insane?

(I would be more excited if I weren’t shipping it to my college roommate who is reimbursing me, but whatever.)

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ehhh, nope…. But I remember one time my friends and I stayed in line for like 15 hours or so to get tickets for a soccer match (another one slept 3 days outside a stadium in Germany, he wins the price)

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I got a great cookware set for 18$ (originally 158$) pots pans and some utensils :-)

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Congrats Perchik!

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I hope your friends enjoyed the game flameboi! Since it was Germany, was it the World Cup a few years ago? And if it was—what did he think of coming home with that surprise giveaway of whatever illness broke out. I think it was measles?

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Last year I got a free iPod. That was pretty cool, because that was what I was heading in to purchase.

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Yes, it was during the world cup 2006, he was the only one from my group of friends that could afford the trip to Germany, slept 3 days outside the stadium to be able to get in and all the stuff (he had tickets for only the first round games and our national team qualified to quarters, with only a few bucks we all put together to send him, he went to Stuttgard and had to sleep in a bench, things like that!) It was very sad because our team lost that game against England in a very unfair match, but we felt happy that at least one of our friends was there…
The 15 hours wait was a few years ago for a match against Uruguay when our national team qualified for the first time to a world cup :)

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@EP Well I have signed up for the amazon customer vote thing. I did it last year too. So far, no dice.

I haven’t even had a chance to try this year. Last year I got a chance, and they sold out instantly. Did the stuff sell out fast?

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@snoopy: oh yeah, it was instant. I never got to shop last year, so I was excited this year.

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dammit Empress, I voted but didn’t get the invite to buy.

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me too, bodyhead, me too.

tomorrow is another day….

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What’s a doorbuster? It sounded like a cleaning device, but I guess not…?

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Never mind, I found this.

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Sigh. Last chance will be for the KitchenAid mixer for Amazon Customers Vote.

To dream….

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@Snoopy: I’m dreaming about that one constantly.

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salivating and stalking the licorice Kitchen Aid mixer…

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I never heard of a Kitchen Aid mixer.

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Jeruba. Tell me you are kidding. Or that you don’t cook. Or shop (don’t know what a doorbuster is either ^^^^). Or both.

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@Snoopy, nope, not kidding. I cook, all right. Maybe the answer is “don’t watch television”?

As for shopping, a good year is one in which I manage not to go to the mall at all. I think I was last there sometime in 2006.

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Well I am w/ you on the shopping malls. Hate ‘em. I online shop when needed.

I eschewed the Kitchen Aid mixer. Too expensive. Too big. Too everything. And then. A wedding gift. Oh my. I would never go back.

This is what we are talking about (see round 6) link

Here is the actual mixer link

The one I have is not this….this is top of the line. Nice.

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Wow, @Snoopy. Thanks for the education. Pretty amazing. (I am now gaining points on my popular culcha index.)

So—let’s say I would pay, oh, figure $1.00 a pop to mix stuff. And say I mixed stuff this way once every two weeks, which I probably wouldn’t because of all the cleanup. But let’s just say that. So $1.00 every two weeks, or $26/year. At that rate it would take $499 / $26 = 19.2 years of use before it paid for itself. (And after that it’s free. That’s how I figure these things.) Whereas if I got it on this deal, it would be free after only 11.1 years. Hmmm. I’m thinking probably the way I mix stuff now is okay.

So what is it that makes this item so hot?

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@Jeruba: Kitchen Aid mixers are generally yours for life. Once you get one, you basically never have to buy a mixer again unless you got one of the cheaper ones and want to “move up”. This mixer in particular used to have a defect (plastic gear box), but they’ve fixed it meaning it is once of their best mixers AND it will last for LIFE.

I’ve got a babier version of the Kitchen Aid mixer and I LOVE IT. Granted, I’ve not really mixed with a non-KA, my mom had one too, but it is honestly the ONE and ONLY thing I said I wanted, like really, really wanted for my kitchen as soon as I had an apartment. (And that’s basically when I got it—Christmas that year, it was the only thing on my list and the only thing I wanted.)

I will say that KA is the brand all the chefs on Food Network use EXCEPT for Paula Deen who uses a Sunbeam. (Yes, I pay attention to this.)

Beyond all of that, Kitchen Aid’s customer service is great. So if anything does happen (not that it would, because they make their stuff to LAST), then you just call them up and they take care of it. Obviously, I could go on and on and on. But for $70, that’s a serious deal.

There is one danger: my KA makes certain things way easier to make, to I make them more often. But they aren’t healthy. So I blame my mixer for any waistline expansion that may occur.

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@Jeruba LOL

Well that is the way w/ anything isn’t it…? I think the way you do as well. I am very cost but also quality conscious. If you don’t do alot of baking or don’t need a mixer w/ any frequency, then no, it probably isn’t worth your interest, time or money to buy one…..

Keep in mind, in my case, mine was a gift. That I didn’t want, due to the cost. The likelihood that I would have purchased it on my own is low. But now that I have it, I really appreciate it…

I am sure that if we compared notes there are probably things that you spend money on that I wouldn’t find value in either….different strokes, I guess…..

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