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Technology wise, no, the software has been modified to exclude streets with weight restrictions, and small streets that a tractor-trailer wouldn’t be able to travel on. (although, throughout my dealings with truckers, most complain that trucker GPS units aren’t 100% reliable)

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No. Military units are more exact. The truckers basically use the same stuff we little drivers use. I have a GPS unit on my Triumph (Motorcycle), my vechicle and on my Cessna and they all give the same location info. Of course they are all Garman, so that may be it too.

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@cardinal The US Mil. removed that restriction a few years ago. Consumer units have mostly the same accuracy as Mill. Back in the “Old days” they had what they called selective availability. It would add a bogus signal to GPS sending you off by about 30m. This feature is now dissabled.

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gotta love the us military… :P

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