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What are the truths in your working place?

Asked by mea05key (1807points) November 28th, 2008

E.g. you accept that bad mouthing is norm in office chat or maybe you accept that getting blames from bosses is a norm.

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I work on commission….and I just know, that if I’m not there when a customer comes back, someone snakes my sale. I know a couple guys who are guilty of it too…I try not to think about it too much though (more motivation to close a sale the nights I work).

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Two of my co-workers are lazy, and the boss doesn’t seem to care. So I need to care less about this so I don’t stress out too much. I am teaching myself to “slack off.” for me, it’s more difficult than working hard!!

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It seems like a chance for you to put yourself in front. Your boss will surely know who will get the pay rise or promotion when the time comes.

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You’d think so, but he pays no attention to what’s going on in the department whatsoever. So I’m teaching myself to just do my job and go home. I already got a semi-promotion that I didn’t want. it means more stress, and not much else—- sigh.

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Well, probably it is not worth while to stay there since there isnt much chance for improvement?

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Nah, it’s ok.. the benefits are great!

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Sometimes a job is just about making money at something you’re good at :)

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But in a working place, we always get all sort of nonsence from people eventhough some may not be our fault.

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I’m happy enough with what I am doing, and I am at a point in my life where I am comfortable just cruising at this level until retirement time. It just bugs the hell out of me seeing such lazy people slacking on such an easy job. It creates tension I don’t need. I don’t really mind doing all the work, but when someone is being paid the same as me, they should do the same job, or least try to.

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yeah you are right. It happens. What i hate most is that slackers demotivates people that wants to work hard.

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Wonderful question! @mea05key, GQ for you.

The truths of my workplace:
– Quality is given lip service, but really all they care about is speed of delivery.
– Honest, challenging questions are viewed as troublemaking.
– It is more important to look like you’re doing something than to think through a workable plan.
– They ask you to think outside the box, but as someone said, “the pay is inside the box.”
– No matter what you’re doing and how creative your efforts are, your contribution isn’t real unless you can sum it up in PowerPoint slides.
– No matter what you aren’t doing, you can get credit for significant contributions if you can sum it up in PowerPoint slides.
– This year’s solutions are going to be next year’s problems listed out on a PowerPoint slide, and nobody cares if you can go back and match this year’s problems to last year’s solutions on a PowerPoint slide. Everything is about “going forward.”
– The biggest rewards go to those who, after due study and analysis, recommend the solution that the boss wanted in the first place.
– Company-stated values look glorious to the stockholders and the press but are not really honored at the worker level.
– Despite multiple assurances, our jobs really are going to India.

In sum, the truth of my workplace is hypocrisy. And I work for a company that is consistently listed in the top 100 companies to work for in the U.S.

The other truth: this is no time to be trying to change jobs. Hang onto what you’ve got if you can stand it.

I have never been asked to do anything dishonest or illegal, and my self-respect is not dependent on my employment, so I put up with it, but part of me is looking forward to the inevitable layoff.

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I work at the one of the world’s largest computer and software companies, IBM. From what I’ve seen in the company, and my own experience, there is no badmouthing in the office, and certainly no blame from bosses for undeserved things. People are too busy working hard to bother with silliness and blame games. But they will also not take kindly to slacking and low quality work, and you will be told this.

At this company, the biggest truths are the three company values: dedication, innovation, trust. They really are embodied in the culture of the company, and I take them to heart when I have to make decisions that affect the company, or even just figuring out what to do with some spare time. My manager and I have a trusting relationship, and I turn to him for support and help if needed with no hesitation. There is no manager blame because we talk often and ensure our plan for whatever work is working out good. There certainly is employee chatting and friend-making, I often chat with the administration assistant, but never any nasty gossip or badmouthing, nor would I participate if there was.

So I have to disagree with you, perhaps in your working place you get all sorts of nonsense, and I sure know there’s a lot in other workplaces, but my workplace is free of such silliness, and there are others too. Nor would I ever work in a job where I had to deal with such things – I work for a company because I’m truly motivated in innovating and creating new and awesome things for them.

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@DD, got any openings in publications?

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Truth No. 3 and 2! They hit me on the dot. Thanks for sharing for your thoughts. Work can be really stressful at timees and bad habits could easily becomes part of us to simply things. The question is , should we actually remain strong and continue doing what we think is right or instead adopt the new working style to blend into the “corrupted” environment to make life easier?

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The biggest truth at my job is that performance doesn’t mean squat. Kissing the right butt is what counts.
(yeah, it sucks, but that is the truth I live with. Fortunately, I’m not too far from retirement)

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Do butt kissers last long? I mean, in long term i suppose when they are exposed, the bosses should know better who to trust , am i right? Or butt kissers remain strong throughout their entire career?

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@mea05key, I do continue to hold to the same principles. That’s why I’m sure I’ll be cut as early as they can justify it. I see people around me adapting to these conditions, and they make me think of slugs molding to the contour of whatever supports them. I can’t figure out how to do that, and even my efforts to maintain a diplomatically neutral silence are raising eyebrows because my colleagues know it isn’t like me.

@DD, my respose would have sounded a lot more like yours (at least with regard to my comfort level on the job) until my manager got cut. Even though I knew better, I had underestimated just how much of my sense of the workplace depended on who I reported to.

HR studies have shown that people’s #1 reason for quitting their jobs is either their manager or their manager’s manager. That strongly suggests that it’s also a major factor when they’re happy. I wasn’t actually happy before, because of all the other things, but my manager made it tolerable. Now he’s gone, and it isn’t, but I hang on.

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Good to hear that from you and it inspires me. Thanks.

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@Jeruba, sadly IBM, while being pretty economically sound thanks to being a global company, will not escape unscathed from the troubles facing other companies. They are going through an expense and hiring freeze right now, but once things get back on track and they’re back to hiring, be sure to take a look at the jobs they offer, I’m sure you could find one you’d like and your odds go up if you’re willing to move to a different city. There are many divisions in the company, many product lines, and I’m sure that one of them could use your talents!

And I agree 100% on the manager. Even with regards to the lazy employee situation, a true managing manager would know this and take steps to correct it instead of letting it go on. I can’t imagine not having the one I have now.

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You would think that exposure of butt kissing would thwart one’s career however where I work, it only serves to further one’s career.
I suppose it is because I work for the government.

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The real truth about my job is that people are dogs there. Have a girlfriend? No one cares! The dating history between employees is ridiculously complicated. No shortage of infidelity here.

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where i work, the clerk does nothing but deal with timesheets (although the time is kept on computer, the clerks still insist on timesheets) and handing out county car keys. that’s all she does. other than that, she plays solitaire on the computer. none of the supervisors or managers make her do any more because she’s crazy and she’ll throw a tantrum if they try. it’s easier for them to leave her alone than to get on her case. that’s the government, crazy people that can’t be fired. other than that, we all have our own cases to deal with so there’s no passing the buck otherwise.

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