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My car's charge battery light came on, any ideas?

Asked by asmonet (21345points) November 30th, 2008

My light came on today about half an hour ago. The battery was replaced in the early spring so I don’t think it’s the battery itself. I’m wondering if any of you might have some general insight to the problem. I drive a ‘96 Mazda Protégé LX if that’s relevant. Could it just be the connection? I know that mine are ill-fitted.

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The alternator Is probably not charging the battery properly.

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Alternator would be my guess too…

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I third alternator. Take your car to Auto Zone or a place like that, and they’ll test it for free.

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I’ll fourth alternator. Every time that light as gone on in my car, that is what it’s meant.

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I also noticed while driving my car’s heat now does not work. The AC Compressor is shot so it’s not hooked up anymore, but heat was never an issue. Now, there’s nothing. Just plain air the same temperature as the world around me. I dunno if that changes anything.

How much can I expect to spend if it is the alternator?

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You can buy a rebuilt one at Kragen for between $60—$80 maybe. If someone else does it for you, probably in the $250 range?

It’s been a while since I had to fix one.

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Most likely its the alternator, but I am going out on a limb and say it could be wiring or the battery.

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It was the alternator, thank you everyone. :)

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