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How much do intensive care Nurses make?

Asked by Computergenius (255points) December 1st, 2008

I’m curious to know how much money ICU Nurses make. Is there a starting salary, and then additional steps for every year of experience? Is there a maximum, no matter how many years of experience you have? Any brave nurses want to share their salaries? :-)

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In the UK (NHS) you will usually need at least one year post registration experience to get a job in an ICU. The salaries are the same as for a nurse working in any other area ie for a staff nurse £20,255—£26,123 for 37.5 hour week with 27 days annual leave plus 8 public holidays.

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are you talking in US or somewhere else?

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I’m a doctor in the US, and I can tell you that ICU nurses are paid very well (often more than $100,000 per year). In some cases, they are paid more than doctors (and always more than doctors-in-training).

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My point of reference was in the United States.

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Wow, $100,000. I am going to let my SIL they are grossly underpaying her. She is a charge ICU nurse and has been there for 10+ years.

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Here is some information I could glean from the net from my area (San Francisco). Note, these are base salaries which are typically for 36 hour work weeks. Many times, nurses work “overtime” or shifts at other hospitals to generate more income.

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@shilolo: you certainly are not talking about Midwest hospitals. Here an ICU nurse with 30+ years experience makes about 70k working full time.
We are NOT paid more than doctors, even those in training, except perhaps first year interns. For that we work hard labor 12 hour shifts, taking complete care of patients fighting for their lives, and the families that love them.
We leave feeling drained: physically, emotionally, mentally, yet immensely satisfied because what we do is important, life-saving work.
Most of the nurses I work with also raise families and continue their education on their days off.
It is a good life, but nurses would not say they are getting rich monetarily.

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At my hospital, the salary above is right at the max possible. Entry level pay is somewhere in the 46–48k for full time, I think. ( not exactly sure).

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@cdw. I don’t disagree about the nursing salaries. Using an online cost-of-living comparison tool, I compared Indianapolis (since your profile says Indiana) with San Francisco. A 60k salary in Indianapolis is equivalent to 110k in SF. Moreover, you grossly overestimate how much doctors in training are paid. A 7th year fellow in an Internal Medicine subspecialty gets paid ~60k here in SF.

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in here (Philippines), Operation Room nurses make around 6,000 – 8,000 pesos monthly. (45–50 Pesos = 1USD)... that is around 150USD :-(
they can barely pay for bills… my brother is a nurse and he works his ass off for less than 200USD…

that explains why a lot of nurses are going to the US, Canada, etc…

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@wenbert: I am sorry life is so hard for nurses and others there. That is a very low wage.

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i know a few nurses and they all get bad backs from lifting patients. they work like dogs, are responsible if the doctor orders the wrong meds or the wrong amount and they give the med, they are responsible. they have to deal with families, doctors, other nurses, regs, etc. they have to deal with pissing, shitting, people who can’t walk, people who need help with their food. they have to work holidays, weekends, nights. that’s why i never wanted to be a nurse. i wanted a job that has “office hours.”

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@ica, everything you said was right on. What you did not say was that nursing is among the most satisfying work one can do. It is an honor and a priviledge to serve humankind in this way.

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I am an ICU RN in California. I make about 51.00/hour. I also get 5 weeks vacation and a Holiday bank time and 1 week education pay. I easily make over 100,000/year.

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