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What is the second, smaller compartment in my dishwasher's soap holder for?

Asked by sarahsugs (2906points) December 1st, 2008

In the place where you put the soap into my dishwasher, there are two compartments, one larger and one smaller. They both get closed in with the same lid after you put in the soap. The part of the lid that covers the smaller compartment has 3 narrow slots in it. What is that smaller one for? I always just put soap in both, but I’m not sure if I should.

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pre-wash, whatever that means.

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I always thought it was for more soap. Whenever I use the dishwashwer, I fill both compartmentments with soap like you have done, sarah.

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Fairy dust.

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It is for soap, just like the other compartment. That soap gets used first and then later the lid opens and the rest of the soap gets used.

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The dishwasher manufacturers have ties with the dishwasher soap manufacturers. It’s all about you using more soap than necessary so you have to buy soap more often, which will inevitably lead to your dishwasher breaking down sooner than it otherwise would, due to soap overload, so you have to buy another dishwasher, too. They’re just greedy and they want your money.

Teehee. :D

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It’s a dirty business.

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It is for soap, but you don’t need to use it unless the dishes are particularly dirty. Maybe not even then. I use the Electrosol/Finish readi-tabs, and only ever use one per load.

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Dishwasher gnomes.

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Are they related to the freezer gnomes?

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Drat, I actually use to know. There actually is a purpose for the other. Blast, my mom knows. I’ll ask her tomorrow.

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I have two compartments in mine, too, but only one has a little door to it. The book on it said that the second one is for extra dirty dishes to use more soap. I’ve never filled both.

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JBfletcherfan, that is just like my DW.

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