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What would be a good series to read after the Twilight Saga?

Asked by much2smile4 (75points) December 1st, 2008
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What did you like about it? Did you like the vampire aspect? Or the fantasy aspect in general? Or the thrills? Or the romance? Start by picking apart the bits you liked best and go from there.

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Mainly the fantasy and the romance, but I really wouldn’t consider myself to be a “romance novel reader”. Not necessarily the vampire aspect though. I really like series because I like the stories to continue. I’m pretty much up to any suggestion that is a page turner. If it’s not a page turner then I struggle to finish the book, as do most but I hate forcing myself to read to the end of a book.

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I’d say try the Chanters of Tremaris trilogy by Kate Constable. They’ve got the fantasy (more than Twilight) and the romance (though not as majorly as Twilight and definitely not as sappy) and action and philosophy and they are real page turners.

Also try His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman. Absolutely fantastic. Everything you could ever want in a book, so yes fantasy and romance, but also science and religion and philosophy and action and mystery and… yep. well. Also real page turners, you won’t want to put them down. Seriously.

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Patricia Brigg’s Mercedes Thompson series.
Up to Obsidian Butterfly in the Anita Blake series. (Um, after that if you like reading a lot of sex with a very little plot. I do not.)
Sunshine by Robin McKinley.
Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance

Those are all urban fantasy series with vampires.

I’d also recommend the Weather Warden books by Rachel Craine and the Rogue Angel series “by” Alex Archer. Those are just fun fantasy series.

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You and I read a lot of the same stuff, EmpressPixie

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@syz: Woohoo! Anything good I’m missing out on?

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Have you read CE Murphy’s Heart of Stone series?

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No! I will go Amazon/Library it now!

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