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Do you judge other people's musical taste?

Asked by martinf (99points) December 2nd, 2008

I work in a hippie office where my boss burns incense and listens to foreign prayers and Om music all day. I judge her quite harshly for not being able to enjoy Mark Ronson. Do you also judge people for preferring the audio equivalent of paint drying?

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i try to stay away from judging what music people listen to. i do, however, listen to all kinds of music for nuances and ideas when writing my own music. usually listening to something totally out of your realm helps you create music that’s new and original. try enjoying “OM” and take it out its context by plugging it into your taste in music.

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I try not to…Sometimes i just cant help it though. I mean who the fuck likes this sad excuse for rap that they are pushing now a days?

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Every time my sister cranks up the Creed or Seether I judge her to be an asshole. I don’t judge strangers too harshly but I will call out my close friends and families taste in music if it clashes with my own. I only give them shit because I like them.

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I try not to judge people at all, if I can help it, whether it be musical tastes or anything else for that matter. Now, as far as my musical tastes run, I’m sort of picky so I’m sure that people would have misgivings with what I might like to listen to also but hopefully they won’t judge me either.

If I’m in a position where I hear music I don’t like (RAP is a good example) and I can move away from it, I will certainly do that. If it is in my work environment and I have to hear it for an extended period of time, I would try to figure out a way to somehow block it out or I would courteously ask whoever is playing the music to please turn it down and be respectful of others in the workplace.

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I don’t because I listen to so much different stuff that when people hear my playlist they look at me like “WTF?”.

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My taste is broad* enough that almost anybody can find something by which to judge me negatively.

*(yet selective)

I try not to judge. Even if I don’t share a person’s taste completely, I can usually take away a thing or two that I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

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Nope. I judge you for judging her. It’s a vicious circle. just kidding

I don’t really care enough to judge people based on their music tastes though I do fail to understand how people can like certain genres.

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@PnL Like country? BLAH

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No. People’s taste are so different, how could I? Nope – someone could look at my playlist, which is quite varied, and think I’m really strange. Frankly, I wouldn’t care if they do!

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yep, like country. though i have a couple others in my mind too

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It does bother me when another person isn’t open to hearing music outside the genres they normally listen to, when they force me to listen to their music (if I don’t want to) when we’re sharing the same space, or when they insist that their favourite genres are superior to mine. But I try not to judge them based on what they listen to.
Not everyone can have impeccable taste like I do! I have a natural advantage… ;)

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I don’t judge people by the music they listen to… But I do make an assessment of their personality, if that makes sense. In other words I’ll never not like a person because of the music they listen to. But I know I’m more likely to get along with someone who likes m83 as opposed to someone who likes Young Jeezy. (For Example)

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My answer is pretty much the opposite of PnL’s. I don’t really care enough to judge people based on their music tastes though I do fail to understand how people can dislike any genre in its entirety.

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I’m definitely judgmental when it comes to music, but I like everything, so it’s not that much of a problem.

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I am very judgmental about others taste in music. Their are certain songs and artists that are on a “no” list and if I find out someone likes them, I usually think less of them as a person. Oh well.

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I’m very judgmental of people who use the wrong there/they’re/their. :(

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Touche MacBean. I made a mistake, and you have succeeded in pointing it out. Feel better now? I know I do.

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yes. i can’t help it. music is one of the most important things in my life, so even if i try, i cannot help but think alittlebitless of someone when i find out that miley cirus’ entire discography is in their ipod. but i can look past it. usually. plus i listen to quite a bit of everything and i know that there are probably quite a few artists i listen to that like 95% of the world hates, so i’m not perfect either haha

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