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Should I buy a used PowerBook g4 or a new iMac?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) December 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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New iMac, no doubt. A PowerPC processor (found in the Powerbook) is really going to set you back. This is the age of Intel Macs (like the new Macs).

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new iMac is so bawlin!

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As the proud owner of a Powerbook G4, I highly recommend purchasing a new iMac rather than the (at least) three-year-old Powerbook.

The G4 processor is getting old and will not age well from here on out. Plus, the used Powerbook is not covered by Applecare and is much more likely to break in the next year than a brand new desktop machine.

If you really need a laptop, the new Macbook starts at $1300—so it’s only $100 more than the new iMac you’re considering (unless you’re getting a deal from someone).

No question—go for the new one.

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You should definitely go with the iMac, since it has intel. If price is an issue, check here or here often for great deals on Macbooks.

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iMac, no doubt.

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